Chapter 29: Boreen Point to Bundaberg. Diving, turtles and beautiful beaches.

Full offgreat energy after spending a week with our tribe we were ready to move again, but before we did, Tracey got a good work out with some bad weather. After extending our stay a few days we are hit with a storm.  Huge gusts of wind hit us, it felt like we where already on a boat. Tracey our camper trailer was rocking all over the place with gusts of wind over 50km an hour. Lying in bed wondering if the top is going to blow off we got to know Tracey could handle it. We felt even safer than before.

Moving on and packing up to leave was great, We needed to hit the road again and sing our song. Heading north always feels good for us knowing it is only going to get warmer. With the long road trips becoming smoother as we are all getting used of it we arrived at Elliot Heads. This place looks awesome. But… Have we already told you about midges? We had our first encounter with them on our way down to Woodford Folk Festival from paradise, I mean, The Whitsundays. Well we found out this place was crawling with them. Leo looked like he had chicken pox the poor little thing.  Everyone was scratching. Luckily the sea water soothes all.  And what a beach we have to do it on. With no waves, it looked absolutely amazing.

Swimming in one of the beautiful beaches.

That night we went to see baby turtles hatching. This was one of those bitter sweet events. Seeing these gorgeous little turtles coming up and making their way towards the water was incredible. Until they gathered them up, put them in a cage, pulled two out for everyone to see, feel and take flash photography of. It started to loose its charm. Then after been told to be very quiet and not to use our torches we all line up down the beach with torches on. I was confused with the situation so I can only imagine what the little turtles are thinking. We leave with a bitter sweet feeling with very sleepy kids. It felt like we had assisted to a scheduled c-section of turtles. They woke them up, guided them to the sea with artificial lights, it made no sense.


Sofia and the turtle.
Luke’s turn!



IMG_5690 2
Can’t decide who is cuter!


The drive home was exciting I (Evan) decided to take a wrong turn and take the scenic route home. Coming to a round about for some reason I turned left instead of going straight. As I turned left a massive kangaroo jumps over the car bonnet. Clara and I both gasped. Wow, had I taken the right turn, I would have collided with that kangaroo.


The next day, I (Evan) went diving in Bundaberg. And it was awesome, After every dive people ask me how it was and after every dive I reply AWESOME!!!!. This dive had something I don’t want to encounter ever again. Snakes under water. The group I was with was assured that the snakes were placid and that they wouldn’t bother us at all and if they did their fangs are at the back of their mouths and cannot bite us. The first dive was great: fish, coral hard and soft and a snake that chased my dive buddy almost to the surface. Having a slight giggle to myself and following him to the surface the snake pulled away and we continued our dive. Karma, don’t laugh at someone being chased by a snake. One of the biggest snakes looks directly at me and slowly makes it way towards me, I am not a fan of snakes so I swim calmly away until this great big huge python of a sea snake is right under me and coming straight at me. I am sure when my bubbles hit the surface people could hear my profanity a mile away. With a few quick kicks and swimming as fast as I could I looked behind me to see this monster of a snake swimming to the surface for a breath. This massive great monster python of a sea snake turns into a normal looking sea snake  and I stop to see my dive buddy having a giggle. What an awesome couple of shore dives where you could walk in and see everything.


Quick lesson on how a scuba system works.

Meanwhile, I (Clara) took the kids to a little beach that one of the divers recommended us. We were having a great relaxing time, having a splash with very shallow water when Leo starts screaming. What is going on? Leo is only one so he hasn’t mastered the art of communication yet. Trying to figure out what was going, I felt this gelatinous thing on my hand, the one holding Leo. I look at it and I see it. Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!!! A blue bottle on my hand,  it had stung Leo!! I instinctively sat him in the water to calm the stinginess down, but it hit me. If there is one, there can be more! And the rest of the cubs are there swimming too!! Everybody out of the water!! Which makes Leo scream again as it starts stinging. Now, I come from Spain. The land of scarcity, of wilderness scarcity, thank God. So I had no idea, not a single clue, of what would soothe him. Nobody was at the beach. Alright, I went up to the nearby park, towards the car. Hospital? What do I do? I don’t even know how it feels. And Evan is under the sea…  I keep asking, what do I do? All this with Leo still screaming. And then I see it. You know what? If water soothed him before, it might do it now. With the fear of fresh water making it worse, I go to the showers and place his little body under fresh water. And he stops. I make sure he isn’t gathering strength to do a full on scream. No. It looks like it is calming him. Eureka. I got it. Phew! Mama strikes again. Mama 1- Sting 0. Oh yeah!

Getting our full dose of vitamin sea for the day we headed back to camp so the kids and I (Evan) could go for another swim while mama got some peace and quiet.

Afternoon dose of Vitamin Sea

What a week with more stories to fill our memories and learning about things we want to learn about.

Until Next week .


The Five

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