Chapter 28: Gathering with our tribe and Clara getting some recording done.


Do you have one and what does it mean to you? Our tribe is awesome, so many interesting people who are talented, generous, supportive and always wanting to help.

A tribe to me (Evan) means all of these thing sand at the end if you put them all together we have a word for it: Family. You may not see them or talk to them all the time but when coming together, you know you are in the right place.

Our week started off in Coolum where I was still waking up early and getting my early dose of vitamin sea. Coming back all refreshed and ready to take on the kids while Clara went to rehearsals. The days we had in Coolum finished almost too quickly but we where all excited to get to Boreen Point to meet up with our tribe.

Evan getting his vitamin sea

It was so good to be with some of them as not everyone had arrived yet. After setting up we need to go food shopping and having people around Sofia and Luke opted to stay and play as Clara, Leo and myself went to the shops. Before leaving we asked if anyone need anything. The car filled up quickly as Brit and her twin boys joined us. Brit is someone I started looking up to as she is a single mother of four boys and the youngest are twins. I struggle with three kids and I have Clara so I can only imagine how hard it would be.


Sunrise at Boreen Point.


As the rest of the tribe started to arrive we saw less and less of the kids, even Leo was off on adventures with the older girls of the group. One night as I was having a chat and thought Luke was with Clara and vice versa. Luke followed the older girls out into the lake. The lake is only knee hight for a few hundred meters but non the less extremely frightening with the dark water and not knowing what’s beneath the surface. At first I was ok with what had happened, I know Luke and what he is capable of but thought I should be more vigilant of the kids.

The view from the recording studio.

With Clara still heading off to record songs in Coolum it was great to have help and extra eyes out on the kids. On one of the days Clara was off working, its hard to call it work because she enjoys it so much and comes back glowing, the kids and I where sitting together eating, when all of a sudden Luke jumps up and runs off in one direction, Sofia heads off in the opposite direction and then Leo goes off on his own looking for the girls. What to do, with all the food and dirty dishes everywhere. I follow Leo who finds the girls who are more than happy to look after him for a bit. Right: “where is Luke”, I think to myself, tracking him down was proving harder than I thought. I eventually found him inside someone else’s camper and it was all good. Watching Sofia skip across the camp ground with her friends I walk back to camp and finish my lunch and clean everything up without interruptions. Clara Arrives back to me sitting down relaxing and three kids coming out of nowhere demanding her attention. She looks at me like “are you going to get up or watch these kids pull me apart.” Don’t worry I eventually got up and helped.

Putting Leo to sleep while Clara was singing. Not always easy. Note the hand in dad’s shirt!!

As the week ended the mood changed especially when family started to depart and the tribe started to say goodbye. Only three families left we finished the week on a somber note but felt energised for the next adventure to come.


See you next week.


Until Next week,


The Five


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