Chapter 27: Becoming an Australian! G’Day Mate!!!

What a magical place the Byron Bay area is, beautiful beaches, scenic out looks and great  night time entertainment for us and the kids.

We spent two days in Suffolk Park in an awesome little caravan park right on the beach. I (Evan) enjoyed waking up before everyone and going for a swim in the crystal clear waters to replenish my vitamin sea for the day. Knowing once the kids wake up it is all “go go go!” with





breakfast again then

cleaning again.

I am not too sure why but the kids always wait until we clean up to have something else to eat. Does this happen with you guys?

With Clara getting her two hours of work in, the kids and I head to the beach to build sand castles, go swimming, surfing and run around to burn all the energy from two breakfasts.


Who needs a surf board?


We head back to Tracey for a breather and of course some more food. As we get back the kids make a new friend with the people camping next to us. That is something, isn’t it? We get social because of the kids. They socialise for us.

That night we head into Byron Bay where we plan to get some dinner and as we are walking around we are treated to some great street performers. The kids really enjoyed a fire show that had them mesmerised.

And this is how our days looked like when we were there: between cleaning and beach, life was easy!


Burning all the energy!


We packed up after 3 incredible days and headed to Brisbane for Clara’s citizenship ceremony. We are getting better and better at packing getting away from the camp site earlier than we planned. On the way we have some friends from Brisbane heading to Byron Bay so we are all keeping a close eye on the traffic going in the opposite direction trying to spot them. Unfortunately we must have missed them.

We get to Brisbane and set up at the caravan park with plenty of time to head over to the citizenship ceremony. It’s a strange feeling to arrive early with the three kids. Usually we are the ones creeping in late trying to keep the kids quiet as we sit down. Now being early has another challenge, entertaining the kids until everything starts. We wait for an hour before things start to kick off and when the ceremony starts: the kids want food. We have had an hour of walking around a boring room and now you want food? So we run to the car and grab some snacks and guess what, I end up creeping in once everything has started trying to keep the kids quiet.


Killing time before the hunger strikes!


This is Clara’s thoughts after the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the leaders of the tribe have been replaced by political leaders, who don’t necessarily have to be charismatic or spiritual leaders. And that makes it a bit odd because you owe them respect but you also see how they are and you wish you could help them be better people. They represent us and make decisions for us yet they aren’t us! A spiritual leader is. So yeah, quite weird. 


Not sure what the big accomplishment is here: the citizenship or all of us in a photo.


We celebrate Clara becoming an Aussie at the Whale Park in Wynnum with some friends. As we arrived Clara says hi to everyone, “G`day Mate” with a strong Australian accent  and a massive smile. I (Clara) am an Aussie now!!

Coming back to Brisbane was not the easiest thing for me (Evan), it is a place where I spent a lot of time struggling with my life and its purpose, so coming back gave me some negative thoughts and feelings that I did not want anymore.

After Spending the night in Brisbane and the kids all over the place in the morning we left for Coolum. While we were packing, this grey nomads couple (grey nomads are, for those not familiar with the term, are retired couples who travel in their caravans for most part of the year) with a caravan that has Foxtel and a TV outside, ask us if we would like the kids to watch some TV and they can look after them while we pack. Are you serious!! Angels exist. Full stop. Most relaxed packing ever. Thank you grey nomads. Just a side note from me (Evan), not all grey nomads are friendly. Step carefully when saying hello…

Coolum is another one of those places we love, the energy, the sea and it feels like a place we could stay for a while. Unfortunately as we arrived to the caravan park we booked into we had been moved to a different site, a site right on the entrance and next to the road. Not happy with this and making them aware we are not happy, the managers simply did not care so we where left with a bitter taste in our mouths. As it was a long weekend everything else was booked out. Thankfully we had great people camping all around us. The kids played with other kids and we had nice conversations with other parents. Again, the kids socialising for us. Actually, if you are an introvert willing to engage in social activities, have a kid. Or not.


Sunset at Coolum Beach.


After the long weekend, the caravan park looked more like the ghost park. Everyone had left at once. So from a fully packed caravan park to a caravan park with 4 campers. So another week down and after 50 days of travel we all sat down as a family and enjoyed the peace and quiet that I think we all needed, just the Five of us chilling out and not doing anything. Well, not doing anything except for cleaning and feeding the kids. And working really hard on building our dreams.


Yes people, behind this photo there are two parents sitting down watching the show. That, does not happen often…


Reflecting on this week I believe we have all come here for a reason. There is a path we must walk. A job has been assigned to us and as long as we walk it we are free. The more you honour that path, the freer you are.

Until next week.


The Five.

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