Chapter 26: Let’s get the hell out of here!! How we managed to get to Byron Bay with gangsta music.

During the months we have been traveling, we have been asked if there has been any rough moments when we have felt insecure. Well yes, let us tell you a story about it.

The day we left Sydney, we headed up north back to Brisbane. I (Clara) had to be there for my Citizenship Ceremony, g’day mate. We located a free camping place, 3 hours away from Sydney and we thought it would be perfect for us. After doing Brisbane to Sydney about a month earlier all in one go, we felt we wanted to see more of the beautiful Australian East Coast.

The trip went so smoothly, the kids were relaxed and happy. We pulled into the free camp to see a playground, wharf to fish from, swimming area, showers and toilets. “Awesome, best place to stay and it is free”, I think. We spent the afternoon fishing, swimming and eating dinner on the wharf.




Tucking the kids into bed a bit later than we wanted to but just went with the flow. That is something you do when you have 3 kids, you just go with the flow…

As we started to fall asleep, two cars pulled into the park and by unloading big speakers they started setting up a party. As the music starts up and it is not joyful music, both Clara and myself (Evan) sigh out loud, we look around and teenagers appear out of the darkness coming to the party. Seriously, the music was that gangsta rap that has gun sounds playing on a loop.

Feeling unsafe, Clara takes the kids and jumps into Monster Pajero and I (Evan) pack up extremely fast. As I am latching the last bits down, some glass bottles smash down the road as a huge group of young people make their way down to the park. I jump in the car and drive off, as the group arrives.

I am sure they are just kids having fun but the relief of leaving feels great and when Clara says there is a place not far away it feels like we made the right decision. Pulling in to the new free camp site and everyone asleep in the back I cannot tell where we can stop. It is so dark that it is hard to tell where we can stay and set up. I pull onto a flat area and turn the lights off, it is pitch black. I start setting up again and eventually we are all in bed and relaxed and finally fall asleep after a long day.


After that little adventure full of adrenaline, we left to South West Rocks, a little beach town perfect for diving. Bad news though, we arrive there and couple from Canada who are travelling the coast scuba diving, inform us that the sea is too rough to go diving. Oh well, you have to take the good with the bad. The next day heading to the beach was awesome, the kids and I (Evan) went snorkelling around the rocks with Sofia hanging onto my back as I pointed out different types of fish.


The diving team.


A little adventure on a remote island…


We spent 3 days at South West Rocks, only leaving because we wanted to go to Byron Bay.

And away we went to Byron. The GPS told us it is a four hour drive. Unfortunately the kids want an extra long drive today and with 101 stops and going to the wrong caravan park we eventually get to our destination with a few extra hours of driving.


Stopping at a random carpark to stretch our legs and blow bubbles.


It was well worth it, we have a camp site that backs onto the beach and the weather is awesome.

I (Evan) have never really been a patient person, before kids if I want to go and do something I go and do it and if it takes too long I would move on to something else. Having kids has taught me that I need to be patient and have perseverance to reach these new goals. My dream of sailing is still strong and I have accepted that I will need a lot of patience until I reach this goal but in the mean time I am still looking forward and taking the steps to get me there.


After a long drive, Evan dreams about his boat. Keep those dreams alive!

No matter how long the journey is, you have to keep your eye on the prize and try not to get distracted to fulfil your dreams.

Until next week.


The Five

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