Chapter 25: Two Birthdays and a Pregnancy.

Wow what a week this has been, two birthdays, a trip to Luna Park in Sydney and a pregnancy!

Luke’s birthday moustache.

It all started with Luke’s birthday and heading to Luna Park to celebrate, Evan being a child a heart was more excited than anyone else, even the kids thought it was funny. As soon as we arrived the kids understood why Evan was so excited. Different rides everywhere, weird characters walking around and the best part it was empty. No lines to any rides and an unlimited ride pass, where do we start?!

The merry-go-round that must have been there since Luna Park opened. Then onto the Ferris Wheel that gave spectacular views but also made your stomach go into your throat as you started to come back down. Dodgem cars came next, then again and again. Luke loved them and would stay all day, but we did convince him that we might find something better in Coney Island where they have big slides, a mirror maze and other activities that Luke was to small for but enjoyed watching Clara go down the big slide over and over again as her inner child came out to play. Uncle Bryan also joined in on the fun and took Sofia on the Mouse Trap.

Sydney Harbour from the Ferris Wheel.

The Mouse Trap is a roller coaster, she got more than she bargained for as she was nearly thrown out of her seat with uncle Bryan catching her and holding her in. Sofia came off the ride saying that she is never doing that again. At this point we decided to get some hot chips to distract the kids as Gwenma (grandma whose name is Gwen) and uncle Bryan watched the three kids. Meanwhile Clara and myself ran off to do all the rides that the kids couldn’t, almost like a speed date. Quick to this ride, then this ride and what about that ride. We arrived back to the kids just as they finished the hot chips. Our speed date was over in ten minutes, thank goodness for no lines.

At the start of the week Clara and I decided we need to make a change to start working on a projects as we need some quiet time, so we came up with an idea so that we both get a bit of time with out the kids interrupting us. We both get two hours a day so clara could work on her singing and I could have some time to figure out what my dreams are.

Turns out I was ready to use my two hours and go spear fishing with a mate, a rare occasion that I get out with out any kids with me. It was such a nice day but the water was a bit chilly. looking down ten meters to the rocky sea bed I spot a nice fish and watch my mate dive down to it. The fish disappears, my turn, I dive down but only get three meters down and I get a sharp pain in my forehead and can not equalise. Ahh I will put it down to the cat allergies. I swim along the surface watching my mate pull a couple of fish to the surface. He gives me the fish to make me feel better. I take them home and have an awesome lunch.

Catch of the day for lunch!

Next was Bryan’s birthday, we went to a pub and going to a pub with three little ones is horrible, I think we told you about it when we where up in Arlie Beach. I think between Clara and myself we managed to eat our dinner, while standing up and running after the kids so that was a plus. Conversation wise we failed, I think the longest conversation we had was when we ordered our food,” yes could I have a salad please”. All in all a horrible experience but at least we got to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We love you maaaaateeeeee!!!

All done at the pub with hyperactive kids and trying to get into the car was the next hurdle to over come.

We made it back to my parents place at record time, a record slow time, everyone had been waiting half an hour to cut the birthday cake, so we didn’t break any speed records that’s for sure.

So thats two birthdays down, Luna Park conquered and now the pregnancy news. No sorry i’ts not Clara and we do not have to change it to Six Around The World. One of Clara’s close friends in Sydney has fallen pregnant and has a lot to learn and Clara is excited to help.

Check out Clara’s No Pain Birth website. Clara had no pain while labouring Leo and is helping other women do the same.

Another week down and sleeping in my parents driveway in a camper trailer is not where I thought I would be when I am in my thirties but there we go, sometimes you have to take a step back to be able to go forward and advance in more ways than one.

Try new things, take a leap of faith and start following your dreams. We are always open for a chat so if you have any questions or need help get in contact with us!

To your dreams and trying new things.

The Five

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