CHAPTER 24. The reunion.The Five Reunite.

Clara’s side of the story.

There is an exception to the rule that doing something with a toddler takes double time. When you are packing up to go home and see the rest of your family.

In record time, we packed up (helped by the preparation the night before) and we left the house. We could not wait to get to the airport, catch a plane and see the rest of The Five.

We arrived at the airport and got treated with the Qantas Club and a breakfast. The place was empty so we enjoyed some quiet time before we boarded the plane. It is great to have some quiet time.

As I was walking into the plane, this lady, quite loudly, said to me: Oh! You are the Spanish singer!! Wow I so your show and it was GREATTTTTT!!!!!! Half of the line heard it so I got few inquisitive looks.

I was ready for a full on plane trip with Leo. Armed with patience and entertaining ideas, I sat down. 5 minutes later, Leo was asleep. Because when you plan something, the opposite happens. I enjoyed a nice and relaxed flight. I read durning the day! A luxury that I have not experienced since Sofia was a little baby. Say 6 years or so.

We got to the airport and, as I was waiting for the luggage, I saw Evan and the kids. I started waving, but they could not see me. Leo was playing around, so I could not grab everything and go to meet them, I relied on them finding me, so I waved again.

The lady who had recognised me before entering the plane, sees me and waves back. I nod with my head and see Evan again. I wave to him again. She thinks I am seriously waving at her.

Evan still does not see me. I can’t wait to hug him. I can’t wait to see the kids.

I try one more time, this time very seriously. The possibility of taking all my stuff and Leo to greet them is not real. To heavy. Please Evan, look this way!

And then it happens, the lady thinks that I am seriously waving at her so she starts coming my way.

She is coming.

Evan hasn’t seen me yet.

She is coming, talking to me.

She keeps taking.

I keep looking at Evan.

I get my phone out to call him.
How can I be nice to this lady and at the same time go and see my family?

I am about to cry. Come on, I only want to hug my kids. I only want to kiss my husband.

Evan sees me.

The kids see me.

I keep smiling and nodding, wondering how to get out of that bubble and be where I want to be.

The kids start running towards me.

She keeps talking.

The kids hug my leg, they have me.

The lady keeps talking, totally oblivious, asking me questions.

The kids look at her, look at me, yell: MAMAAAAAAA!!!!

Evan stands there, what is going on?

She keeps talking.

I question if this singing stuff is good for me and my family.

I wonder if I ever want to be recognised.

She hasn’t seen my kids or husband.

Evan hugs me. Lol.

I tell her to excuse me. I realise I am a total newbie.

I hug them.

And she realises, finally. She says, Oh! You were waving at your family, not at me. I am so sorry. WE laughed, she then realises why I have been putting funny faces. And walks away.

I have a bitter feeling of guilt that quickly goes away when we all hug each other.

Evans Side of the story.

Sofia and Luke wake up exited knowing mama will be back today, I wake with a sense of achievement, the kids are still alive, stuck to our diet mostly and they are both unharmed. Awesome.

We arrive at Sydney airport that is so crowded you cannot see very far in front of you. Being short does have one ore two problems, but I can see the screen that says Clara’s bags will be on the carousel that is in front of us.

We spot mama, talking to someone and the kids run over to her almost taking out half a dozen people as they run straight for her. I finally make it to her after a few death stares from some tired looking travellers who need some sleep.

Surprised that Clara is not hugging the kids and still talking I step in and hug her so to stop the conversation, might have been rude but I wanted to embrace my wife who I have not seen for the past few days. The lady talking to Clara starts laughing, excuses herself and disappears giving us the reunion we have wanted since we left each other at the airport.

The Five are back.

The Five together again.

We promise never to separate again.

Until next time we forget, because we will. We are silly humans with mosquito memories. Oh well, what can we do.

Pushing our limits and taking the steps we need to bring our dreams to life, Clara is on her way to living her dream, with so many hurdles and doubts at the start, we are making it happen.

To your dreams and the obstacles in the way that make your story.

The Five.

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