Chapter 23: The Week Mama Was Away

As I watched Clara walking through customs and waving every time she turned around, the excitement was building up in me. This would be the first time Sofia, Luke and myself would be spending more than one night alone. I thought this would be awesome, I have family around, lots to do and see in Sydney. I can show them my old stomping grounds, or not, they might be a bit young for that but I can show them where I went to school. I got back to my parents place where Sofia and Luke where waiting for me, it was not excitement in their eyes, it was more like, “oh no is dad going to feed us, I am hungry already…”.

My brother Bryan called me to see what my plans were and if he could join in. The phone went silent as I thought “I have no plan, the last few weeks I have been excited to do things with the kids and have an awesome time and now I am stumped”. What to do? I hear zoo come through the phone with other words I did not listen to. Yeah we are going to the zoo, lets go tomorrow. what else are you doing Bryan asks. As I was driving over the harbour bridge I saw Luna Park, I think we will go to Luna Park the kids will love it.

Off to Taronga Zoo on one of those day you don’t want to be going, raining and stuck in peak hour traffic in Sydney with two kids in the back wanting to be at the zoo already. Luckily I know a few back streets that would get us there faster, apparently everyone knows the back streets now but at least the kids are excited and in a good mood.

The day turns out to be awesome with uncle Bryan getting to connect with Sofia and Luke while seeing all the animals.


Two Elephants


Uncle Bryan is so much fun.



The next day we decide to head into the city and see some sights and show the kids the city and meet up with uncle Bryan again. The day ends up being a wet one and we decide to make it a movie day at uncle Bryan’s place.

That night I lay in bed thinking: “right, I have to pick up my game, but what to do tomorrow, its Saturday and Granddad will be around, fishing on the boat, awesome”.

Bags packed and excited to get going as the sun is shining and looks like it will be an awesome day for the boat. We head off planning to meet Grandma and Granddad at the boat. As we drive we stop and climbed to a lookout to discover an echidna looking for food.

Learning about Australian wildlife from a high look out.


Once on the boat with the fishing rods out it didn’t take long to start reeling fish in. Unfortunately they are all under size and have to be thrown back but the kids loved it. As we make our way back to the marina, we spot a nice little place to go for a swim and use our new snorkel and fins we got for Christmas.


Snorkeling with Grandad all he way to the little beach in the background. Sofia the little fish.



Another day packed with lots of learning, discovery and exploring.

We made it! Clara aka Mama is back tomorrow, we managed to survive with out her and have an awesome time.  By the way, the kids didn’t go hungry.

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