Chapter 22. Tasmania Part 3. Panic Day

After the beautiful dance Leo and I had, we had a pretty normal day. Because if life gave you crap everyday, you would not know what happiness is. So at least a peaceful day is on the menu.

But obviously, if I am telling you this it is because the following day was crap, because it had to be this way people. Otherwise you would not have anything to read and life would be dull and boring. I only wish sometimes stuff would not happen to me.

Anyway, the previous night of the day of the events, my musical partner, whom I love dearly and admire professionally, told me that the rehearsal with the choir and the orchestra was going to be at 10am. Happily enough, that night I stayed up late, writing, reading, preparing, etc. When Leo is asleep for the night, my day seems to start.

So I woke up at 9am the following morning. I turned on the phone to have a quick chat with Evan and the kids and I receive a message from Andrew saying “wakey, wakey! I am leaving in 10 minutes”. And that was at 7.40am. I felt like a teenager that wakes up at 1pm.

Whaaaattttt???? I check if he is in the house. He is not. Alright, don’t panic. I message him back asking where he is. All this in my pyjamas with a toddler that is still half asleep. He tells me he is down at the rehearsal place, rehearsal starts at 9am. It is 9am. Whaaattttttt?

Do you remember I said in Chapter 21 that doing stuff with toddlers takes double time? Well, I proved that theory wrong. I got his clothes in the bag, fresh nappies and got myself dressed. Bless preparation for the day on the previous night. Somehow, get myself together as Andrew drives in, coming to pick me up. Record time: 6 minutes preparation, mother and toddler. Talk about speed. We rocked it.

Got to the rehearsal, curiously on time: 9.12am and they were preparing the start. Good morning.

After that, I had to go and relax, so I spent time at the park with Leo. We then went to the Green Room and had a nap. Because we slept in we had to sleep more. Or something like that. I was too sleepy to remember.


Chilling at the park


In the afternoon, I was singing in front of a crowd in the gardens, and then in a church. Same thing with Leo two nights ago , he saw the babysitter and remembered what happened. I did not envy the babysitter.

After the performances, I got a message from the babysitter telling me she can’t do any more hours. She was ditching me. At the same time, I get a message from Andrew, my music partner, telling me they want us to sing at the Director’s concert.

No babysitter and a performance. So I start asking the Festival staff. The director, the organisers, everyone!

No one is there to look after Leo and I have another performance.

10 minutes before the performance, I get a message from a girl who says she will do it. I urge her to come so I can at least see the face of the lady who will look after my kid.


Cygnet Folk Festival. The view from my stage. 


This is all stressing! Pre concert adrenaline, plus mother problems, together. Such a cocktail. Talk about drugs. I don’t need drugs. I have life, that shows me some rides.

And then it happens. Leo and this girl fall in love. No more cries. No more problems. They start playing and she starts directing him outside to give me space to concentrate. Mary Poppins in person. I finish my gig and there he is, he sees me and starts walking to me. Gives me a hug and keeps playing with her. Aaaaahh, had I met you earlier…

I invite her for dinner, I buy her dinner, I don’t know how to thank her. One concert out of 4 that has not been traumatic.

See? Because every time you get a tough day, you get a lolly that reminds you that things happen for you. For you to grow, to trust, to be, to express and to enjoy.

Because nothing bad lasts forever.

To your bad days.

The Five


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