Chapter 21. Tasmania Part 2. Are we going to make it? Dancing in the night.

Going on a business trip with a 1 year old is an adventure in itself. Seriously.

With a full schedule of work packed in three days, having a toddler around makes it very interesting. So if last week you read about how I got there, this week, you can continue my Tasmanian solo trip, with my toddler.

First, you need to know that anything you do will take double time. Anything. Getting the kid in the car? 15 minutes. Getting him dressed? 10 minutes? Because that is what happens. And you either go with it or you loose miserably.

The day after we arrived to Tasmania I had a gig at 10pm at night. Make your own math. One year old, 10pm gig. It just does not equal…

Don’t they say that when something goes bad… will end bad?… well, sometimes, but not this time!

Read on, this is how the day went.

7am: We get a super speedy “get ready to jump in the car for an almost one hour trip” with a toddler. Don’t forget that the toddler factor makes it x2 increment in the time factor.

Lucky Tasmania is so beautiful

9am: We get to Cygnet after a trip where an Aria Award Winner super woman sings a song to a toddler (lucky toddler) who is telling all of us how much he hates being in the car. (Yes, and we are on a road trip travelling around Australia, I know. I am editing a book on this that will come out soon. What else can I do).

10am: The orchestra and singing workshops start. My name is in the program. That does not necessarily mean I am running the workshops. Somehow I get into the orchestra workshop. An hour goes by and I am still there, entertaining Leo. He falls asleep. He wakes up. I remember I am a singer, I should be at the singing workshop.

IMG_0494 2
Workshop 1 – Leo 0

12pm: Me and Leo move to the singing workshop.

12.05pm: Singing workshop finishes. I get there and they are all moving where the orchestra workshop is taking place. Yes, right where I am coming from.

1pm: We go to our accomodation and relax.

3pm: After following him around, Leo finally has his nap.

4pm: Still sleeping.

5pm: Toddler still sleeping.

6pm: Toddler still sleeping. I check if he is breathing. He still is. I thank God.

6.30pm: I wake toddler up. Have you ever tried this? Let me put it this way. It is trying to disconnect a bomb and then it explodes in your hands. They cry, people. No one likes being waken up.

7pm: We arrive at the venue for a sound check. Try a sound check with a toddler.

8pm: Waiting around.

9pm: Leo falls asleep again. This time for the night. Because of the travelling, he hasn’t been sleeping much. And it is way past his bed time.

9.30pm: A very mean woman, that is: me, wakes toddler up because needs to put a dress on and high heels. The only thing she wants to put on is her pyjama and sleepers. If he cried before, imagine now. Makes me wonder what the flip was I thinking when I decided this trip was a good idea…

9.45pm: Leo still cries. With the stage dress on, I, the mean woman, try to breastfeed the toddler back to sleep, knowing that in 10 minutes I will have to wake him up to pass him onto another woman. The babysitter.

10pm: Performing time. I pass Leo to the babysitter, he is quiet, he has no idea what will happen. I don’t envy the babysitter, I don’t envy the toddler. I don’t even envy myself. I actually can’t even remember why I am doing this.

Sometime between 10 and 10.40pm: I hear Leo crying. While singing animated dancing Spanish music, I hear the toddler crying. I wonder if I am scarring him for life. I wonder if he will hate music forever. I keep on singing. Better not to think.

10.45pm: I sneak out to the backstage to find Leo. I hug him. As if I had lost him forever and just found him. As if my heart and his heart had to get glued back together because it is the last thing we would ever do before we died that very same night.

12pm: I get home. Adrenaline still pumping from the concert, I can’t sleep. Leo is fully awake too.

And then it happens.

Leo and I dance together, as if we had never ever been together before but we had always been longing for each other.

We brush our hair, he takes the brush and brushes mine and then gives me the brush so I brush his.

I take my make up off, he puts his checks so I wipe his face too.

We brush our teeth, flossing included.

And we put our pyjamas on.

All in a dance that embraces us in a magical moment.  We prepare the stuff for the following day. All in such a flowing, we don’t need words, we both know what we are doing.

And we get into bed.

We curl up.

We fall to sleep.

Such a quite and peaceful night.

No words.

Just mummy and baby reconnecting after a hard day.

Check us out next week for more!

I still have a lot to talk about, so stay tuned.

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