Chapter 20. Tasmania Part 1. Will we survive? The Five separate.

This week we tell you all Clara’s trip with Leo to Tasmania.

After driving non stop, from Woodford to Sydney, we arrived and went to bed straight away. I still had 3 days to relax before I had to take a plane to Hobart.

The separation was challenging.

At the airport. Minutes before leaving.

But instead, let me tell you all about Tasmania and how I am turning my dreams into reality.

I now get to have 40 minutes by myself, yes!

Travelling in an airplane is such a feeling. There is a sensation of freedom and awesomeness that doesn’t come from anywhere else. There is a mixture of energies travelling in and out of the airport that uplifts you. Since I was little I dreamt about travelling around the world for work. I would daydream at airports, imagining myself one day travelling around up and down the globe.

The moment it hit me: I was travelling for work, finally!

This time, I was going with our little 1 year old, Leo. We got to the airport and found a super green juice to give me energy. I had a bit of a trip with Leo in an airplane, and I was sure I would need this extra boost.

It was time for us to jump on the plane and away we went. The two hours that it takes to get down to Tasmania from Sydney were not as relaxed as I had dreamed. I thought I would be in the plane, putting Leo to sleep and reading a book, oh yeah! Instead, I spent the whole time trying to entertain a kid full of energy!! He had a nap on the way to the airport so he was ready to take on anything!

Score! Green juice forever…

That WAS my green juice. Now he has the energy…

Want a playful toddler, or a crying one?

The lady who was sitting next to me didn’t mind Leo being playful. Not all bad things happen at once, you also get good people around you who Leo also decided to go up and down the corridor of the airplane. Some people thought it was adorable, others, not so much. As a mum, you keep smiling and sending love to all those haters, because they are around sometimes.

When we arrived at Hobart Airport I received a message from Andrew, the guitarist I work with, saying that his plane got delayed and that he would be at least 2 hours. This is when all my years of solo travelling around Europe and Africa came very very handy. Because I had Leo with me I was in the mindset of, huh, everything is scheduled and nothing can go out of that. Instead, I decided to be adventurous. I decided to go to Hobart on my own. I took a shuttle and asked to stop at Lark Distilleries, a very famous pub in Hobart. Erin, the program organiser of the Festival would pick me up from there. So off I went. With two suitcases, a sleeping baby on my chest (yes people, now he fell asleep), a pram and a baby car seat. You should have seen me… It looked like I was moving to Tasmania.

Hobart, here we go!

But that was not going to be the end of the story… Keep reading my friend!

Tasmania is such a beautiful place. It still has some of the Australian touch but its landscape is very hilly. So it reminds me of the British Isles, the highlands all the way to Scotland. Seriously beautiful.

Finally asleep.

I hopped off the bus and as I was getting my luggage sorted from the bus trailer, with Leo sleeping on me, my shoe broke. Yes people, because sometimes the Universe is either taking a piece of you or is making you discover that you are very strong and resilient. My super-pretty&cute high heel broke. Next to a tree hole. Almost tripping over all the suitcases, the stroller and car seat with a still sleeping baby on me. You are upset you missed it, huh? No one in the bus did miss it. That is for sure.

Interesting, I thought. I figured I was going to discover I am seriously strong.

Three different groups of people offered me their help. Everyone so far has helped me! These two ladies insisted so much, and convinced me with a: “We know how you are feeling, we have been there, so move your ass out of the way and we will take care of it”. Well maybe that ass part isn’t that true but you know what I mean. Yeah, feels good to have the warmth from older mamas. Because people, we are social animals, we are a tribe. We need the help of others, we can’t do it all on our own, it is just impossible. So next time someone offers you to help, say yes. Let the love come your way baby, let it all in.

A hit in the cellar…

I met Michael, Erin’s husband at the pub, which was quite a relief as I was starting to get funny looks for having a baby in a Whiskey distillery… Seriously, bunch of fancy drunkies looking at me like, serious, are you so desperate? Yeah, maybe I was…

Since Leo was asleep, I asked him if their house was in a walkable distance. He directed me how to get there. Oh my! Hobart is so small and so beautiful… I took the Rivulet Park Way. It was great! I took photos of ducklings and sang as I was walking.

Hobart is beautiful

I made it to their house as I received a message from Andrew saying he was on his way to Hobart from the airport. Erin and Michael have a beautiful house and opened to Leo and I with great hospitality. Their granddaughter, Ella, played with Leo while I went to the shops to get some fruit and nappies. We stayed the night there, had some Thai food for dinner. Their son Matias set up our bed and we went to sleep quite soon. We were very exhausted. And that was the end of the first day.

Next week I will give you more. Because we love sharing our stories with you.

Until next week, dream big, work constantly, start now!

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