Chapter 19. From Woodford to Sydney. We made it in one go!

This week we will tell you how we went to Sydney in one go and also we will reflect on how other people see our journey. Many people have asked us, how come you did it in only one day?

Because life is like this, sometimes you have time to pause and see the detail and other days you just have to rush to get somewhere, because it is easier that way.

We were going to do something similar to what we did from Airlie Beach to Woodford Folk Festival, but we didn’t. Sometimes, going against all expectations and doing what at that moment feels right is the way to go. After a full on festival of work, heat and late nights and early mornings we decided that we wanted to stay in the same place again for a while before I caught the flight to Tasmania.

And we might disappoint some, and we might loose others, but the key of it all is to remain true and constant to yourself.

Sometimes the timing is perfect to do it all in one go! And you go with it. There is not much more you can do when the universe seems to put it all nice and ready for you to just only give in and go with it.

We left Woodford after packing up and headed down south. Our final destination was Sydney. We were planning on doing the whole distance in two or three days. Woodford to Sydney is almost 1000km or about 11 hours drive. With kids, maybe even more.

So we left Woodford hoping to stay at Bellingen, south of Coffs Harbour, 500km from Woodford. We were told that it was a very nice place, and we would love it.

Rain was following us along the way. We passed Brisbane, thinking it was way to early to even look at it. There was this fear of having to go back because we failed miserably at travelling and making it sustainable. This fear creeps in sometimes, but the more we are on the road, the more we detox from our city life, the more we realise that we won’t be going back unless we want to.

We stopped at Coffs Harbour to do some shopping. The clouds were getting darker and darker. It was around 4 o’clock in the evening New South Wales time, an hour ahead of Queensland time. We got back in the car with the intention of setting up camp at Bellingen. Nevertheless, rain started falling down heavily. We were not looking forward to stopping and setting up camp while raining. So we decided to continue heading south. Hoping for the rain to ease, we drove for an hour or two.

Luke was asleep. He had been asleep for the majority of the time. On New Year’s Eve, two days before this trip, he had started to have high temperature. He was not feeling very well and he was sleeping a lot. Leo was quite happy to be playing with some toys and Sofia was chatting away as she does when she has nothing else to do.

So Evan and I assessed the situation and discussed it.

What do we do? -Evan asked.

I am not sure, what do you think? – I answered.

I don’t want to be setting up camp in the middle of this rain. It feels like the clouds are  following us. – He was right, the clouds seemed to be driving with us, from above.

Well, we have food and the kids seem to be happy to continue a bit more. We are all tired from the music festival. – I didn’t realise at the time, but we were all exhausted of late nights and early mornings.

How about we go all the way to Sydney? – Evan proposed.

Today? -I was a bit unsure. We had every thing we needed but all the way down there? I couldn’t drive, Leo would go crazy every time I was leaving his side in the car. Yes. – Evan said, with a big certainty, he was confident we would be ok.

Oh, I don’t know. Should we do it? – I felt a spark of excitement in my chest.

Yes we should. Call my mum and tell her we are arriving tonight. – He added.

And away we went. We were at Port Macquire, only 4 hours to go.

The moment we decided to go to Sydney in one go!

We arrived to Sydney past midnight. And as soon as we got there we went to bed. Tracey was still packed up. We left the rain behind. It was great to be at Evan’s mum and dad’s home.

Next week, we will tell you about our time in Sydney and my trip to Tasmania with Leo!

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