Chapter 18. Woodford Folk Festival. Keep dreaming and make your dreams come true!

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing great and I hope that you are starting to live a little bit of your dreams. They taste so yummy.

On our last post, we left you with our petrol adventure. After taking our first steps to freedomdriving up to Airlie Beach and staying there for few days, we headed down to Woodford, where I was performing. But before arriving there, after taking the scenic route, our petrol light came on and we had nowhere to put petrol… The following day, we found a place and we put two more litres than the tank capacity… I guess we had some type of divine help there…

This week, we tell you all about Woodford folk Festival, the biggest festival in the Southern Hemisphere…

Woodford is a place where dreams come true, where you can explore your artistic side, where you can sing, dance, practice magic tricks or do acrobatic moves while being in a very cheerful environment. It is lovely, full of happiness and really really hot. In the magical moment, people spray you with mist when they see you walking with kids, joining the dance that involves everybody in a helping mood that does not leave you for weeks.

We went to Woodford Folk Festival for the first time last year. I was working with Flamenco Fire, singing at a flamenco show that went to QPAC afterwards. I just had Leo, literally, he was 5 weeks old. And it was the best week of my life. I had realised that I made a dream come true. And that brought more fuel to my life. We truly hope you make your dreams come true.

I like playing with words, but this time, I would like to describe how we felt with some photos so you can see what I am talking about! The magic was in the air…

It was our first time setting Tracey fully. I mean, we have an annex but we had never used it before. So here we were, using the kids to hold the tarp while we would figure out what to do…

Hold it up there please!

Minions working hard…

Hot and grumpy… not good…

We seriously had no idea…

The tarp was falling… what??

Here came this man, to the rescue, he said he had some knowledge in the matter…

Aaaahhh, there is a railing where you put the tarp through…

And all got set up. We were so happy, so hot and so over it that I never took a photo of the whole setting…

Every morning, we had some breakfast al fresco with Spanish guitar.

Good morning!

Time to relax


We did circus tricks.

Face painting


Took part of street parade bands.

Percussion section… here!

Even had time to sleep between bangs…

Banging is so much work…

Sofia won a poem contest

The price for winning the contest. $20!!

We had time to go out as a couple…


Do some work.


Meet awesome people, like Dani, who is a marine biologist and a yoga teacher who is living her dream in Magnetic Island.

The five with Dani.

And run into fellow citizens



Overall, best time ever for all of us.


Talk to you next week. xx

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