Chapter 17. Find the magic in life. And live it to the fullest.

Guys, if you like music festivals and you want to spend a nice week after Christmas, you can’t miss Woodford Folk Festival. There is always something going on, for adults, for kids, for singers, for listeners, for dancers, for yoga lovers, for you, and for me, and for them and for us… Always.

Alright, alright, I will continue the story where I left it.

Last week, we left you with a situation that wasn’t really looking too good. After two weeks of traveling, we had been up to Hervey Bay, we arrived to Airlie Beach, we enjoyed the Whitsundays and we were going to Woodford, but this time… were we going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere? It was Christmas Day, everything was shut and we were running out of petrol. Literally. After looking for petrol stations everywhere, we headed to the Maleny showgrounds. None of the petrols stations were open, none of them!

We explained the situation to the kids. We told them this was an adventure. Pumped up with adrenaline, we were telling them that Monster Pajero, our car, was very thirsty and hungry. We said it needed petrol but all the restaurants were closed. So we had to keep an eye out for any shops where they would have food for it (petrol stations). This really helped us to concentrate more and the kids felt they were involved.

Sofia looking very concerned about the situation… nah, not really.

Still nothing. We then saw a big sign: Maleny Showgrounds. We pulled over, there we were. Praying to have some petrol to at least park Tracey, our camper trailer, in a spot and plug power and water to it . And we did it. We weren’t quite relieved but still, we were happy we made it to the showgrounds. We had a place to stay, hot showers, power, water and food. That was all that mattered.

And moments like this is when you realise that you have forgotten that all your basic needs are covered. we take that fact for granted.

We live like kings, with all the commodities and facilities. Let me explain.

Toilets: we don’t need to walk from our home to use the toilet to find a spot for it, it is all enclosed thanks to water. That is necessary for life and we are polluting it.

Showers or baths: we don’t need to find a river, or pond, or any fresh water (not to mention without crocodiles)

Food: we find food anywhere, there is no scarcity for food. Supermarkets, restaurants, little shops… All ready to cook or eat!

Roof over our heads: when it rains, no need to find a cave or get wet.

Yet our society, our people, our modernity, is packed with anxiety and depression.

Have we forgotten the basics of life?

Examining Maslow’s Pyramid, the one with the human needs (see below), makes me think that we need the rush that comes from covering those basic primary needs. Finding a place to stay, water and food is in our priorities, and we are only travelling from super developed area to super developed area! We know there isn’t scarcity anywhere, but still, when those needs are covered, a very raw relief emerges and we feel we have accomplished something. It is like we cover also the top needs.


After this adventure, I believe that all those needs are interrelated, in a way that if you have forgotten how good it feels to have water, or to look for food, you forget a bit about problem solving, acceptance of facts or creativity.

Looking for water, a place to sleep, security, or even a job, makes you develop those top needs. It is like a cycle, that feeds itself in order for you to be happy. There are many ways of doing this. For us, travelling is one of them.

I wonder if all the first world problems, like mental illnesses, obesity, and all come from the fact that we have it all! We want water, we open a tap. We want food, we go to the shops or even, we open the fridge. I think our primal brain needs stimulation in order for all our brain to be happy.

My advise to avoid all these problems is this: go for adventure. Whatever adventure means for you, go for it. Get out of your comfort zone. Be scared and overcome this fear. Be brave. Be bold. The rush you get from that will never compare to the rush you get from shopping, eating, sleeping in, drugs, alcohol… The key of life is to live it. Don’t hide. Keep living!

The night at the Maleny show grounds, was filled with uncertainty. We did not know what would happen the following day. We surrendered to something bigger than us. Whatever happened was not in our hands. It was magical. Whenever we got worried abut the next day, we would surrender and realise that it was not up to us. If the petrol stations were open the following day, was not up to us. If we had enough petrol to get to those petrol stations, was not up to us. It was kind of written, but we still had to turn up.

Early in the morning, Evan went with the car to find a petrol station. He left. Now it was all up to him, he was going to find a petrol station. 6.30 in the morning. We had driven over the limit of the km we can do once the light is on. 15 minutes passed. Trying to keep my mind off it, I started packing while the kids played with other kids camping next to us. I had it all ready I couldn’t help it anymore, I had to call him.

– Hello.

– Hey, how did you go?

– Not good.

-What do you mean?

– Well I am a bit in a confusion here.

– OK, tell me what is happening. Where are you?

– I am, hang on, I don’t know the name of the place here.

– Alright, well, can we call the roadside assistance?

– No, not really.

– What do you mean? Have you seen if the petrol stations were open?

– Yeah I have seen them open.

– Well what can we do? Are you far away?

– Not too far away.

Now, if you know Evan, you will know that he is usually quite scarce with words. Specially on the phone. When we met, few years ago, I had to go back to Spain for a couple of months while he stayed in England. He would call me at night and we would spend about an hour on the phone. That was a total record for him. Maybe that’s why we married.  he probably though if this girl can have me on the phone for so long, maybe I can have her for the rest of her life. Who knows. The fact is that talking on the phone with him is usually fast and quick. You don’t really get the chit chat going. And this was no different. I didn’t know how I could help him. So I asked:

– How do I help here? How can I help you?

And he replied:

– Well, can you help me decide between a flat white or an ice coffee?

What?????? Say what??????? I was angry, curious, confused, relived…

-What? Have you put petrol?

-Yes, it is all good. I am now at the coffee shop getting a coffee. Was wondering if you wanted anything, maybe a green juice or something?

He had made it. He made it!!!

When he arrived back to camp, he said that he had filled up Monster Pajero with 82 litres. He was certain that the petrol tank was 80 litres. We squeezed the last little drop of petrol left.

That was our little adventure before arriving to Woodford. We hooked Tracey on to the car and we left, off to the biggest Folk Festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

We will tell you all about it next week.

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Talk next Sunday. Have a great week. And find your adventure.

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