Chapter 16. Nothing is in vain, everything happens for a reason. Are we going to make it?

Hello guys! How are you?

It has been over a month since we left Brisbane to start travelling. Our first destination was Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays. We arrived after a week of travelling and we stayed there for, let’s say, a long weekend. After enjoying the beautiful paradise, we started making our way down to Woodford, where Clara was performing at the Folk Festival.

Every week we tell you a little bit of our adventures and our trip.

Last week we left you fleeing away from midges. After the worse night so far, bitten by midges and woken up by the sound of massive trucks, we continued heading down south, making our way to Woodford. We had no plans, nothing decided and Christmas was somewhere in between those days.

This week we tell you how we made our way to Woodford. The ride wasn’t relaxed, it was rather exciting…

Our next destination was Maryborough, where after a long search, we found out that the the kids’ christmas presents we wanted were at a local shop. Bless Google and the Internet. We first stopped at the local swimming pool. And the only reason I am telling you this is because we had the most incredible potato chips ever! They were real chips from real cut potatoes. So good it makes me want to go and have some as I am writing this.

After leaving the midges behind or packing them up in Tracey, our camper trailer, we camped at very pleasant place: Munna Creek, a free camp site in the fields of an old Town Hall. Sofia and Evan lit up a fire and had a chat while sitting down in front of it while the boys fell asleep almost instantly. There is something about nature that puts you to sleep in no time.


Our frontyard at Munna Creek.


The stars were everywhere. This is something I don’t get tired of looking at, I am amazed. I keep looking at them every night. I had forgotten how many stars we can see. The milky way is seriously magnificent.

It was a very peaceful night for everyone after the midge attack, except for Sofia: she had two nightmares. The following morning Evan told me that when Sofia woke up from the nightmares in the middle of the night, in order for her to go back to sleep, he told her the story about how he had met fish Wanda (a fish that stars in his made up bedtime stories) and some other fish when he went diving up at Airlie Beach. While telling the story, in the middle of a sentence, he fell asleep. This was probably 2am in the morning. After few moments, Sofia started shaking his shoulder asking him to continue with it!

In the morning, Evan and I took turns to blow soap bubbles with the kids while the other was packing up and getting ready. We usually split up when we have to get things done. We found out it was the best way after a few times of failing at packing miserably: we were packing from one side and the kids were unpacking on the other side.

Before we got in the car, we had a look at a historical info board where there were photos of the Town Hall from the 19th century. Sofia was carefully looking at them when suddenly she yells with excitement:

– Look! this is the lady who was asking me to come with her in my dreams!

Evan and I, puzzled, inquired a bit more.

She then told us how the lady wanted Sofia to go with her but she didn’t want to follow, that was her nightmare.

We really didn’t know what to say.

She then looked at another photo where there were two little girls. Sofia then started sobbing, almost with despair. She wanted to go with them, she wanted to play with them. She was upset because she had missed them and they were now probably dead. She wanted to play with them.

One of those ladies on the left hand side of the picture was asking Sofia to go with her in her dreams.


That moment we decided she needed play time! Talk about parenting people. I leave it there, so you can decide and make sense of this story. Eventually we found a friend for Sofia to play with, she felt much better.

We continued heading down south and we arrived to Gympie, only to realise how close we were from Brisbane. We didn’t want to be so close yet. Gympie is less than 2 hours away from Brisbane. We were in the daze of travelling, of living our dream and it was way too soon to go back to the start point. As we were panicking about the idea of seeing Brisbane this soon, we saw a sign that said:

Rainbow Beach 73Km.

We were less than an hour away from Rainbow Beach.

Let us tell you a bit more about this magical place. We considered moving to Rainbow Beach two years ago. We wrote a list of the pros and cons. It had all the pros but one con, and it was that we didn’t feel it was our place. We couldn’t put our finger on what exactly was that we were missing from Rainbow Beach until now. We loved Rainbow Beach but it wasn’t our place because the world seems to be! We were missing the traveling part of our dream! And this takes us to another thing, every time we leave the ocean we become sad. We had not seen the ocean since we left Airlie Beach and we were sad. We wanted to see the water again, swim in the ocean, feel the breeze and sense the freedom that the vast ocean offers to you. So we said, screw it, let’s do it! And off we went. This was Christmas Eve.

We set up camp and went to sleep, thinking about the presents. We all woke up very excited. Sofia got up and said:

– It’s Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!.

And that was followed by a:

– Happy Christmas! – from Luke.

They discovered the presents and proceeded to open them. Luke was first, and then Sofia. We also wrapped Luke’s old rashie up for Leo so he would have a present to open. Talk about recycling, reusing and passing clothes on to the next sibling.


Present under one of our tiny little Christmas Trees


It was such an exciting time. And it was awesome to only have one present for them. One present only? No! There was a hidden surprise! Two presents!! We got them two presents. The previous night we discovered we could feed dolphins down at the Tin Can Bay Marina, about 5 minutes drive from our camp site, so we decided to give that present to the kids, and me.

What a beautiful experience. The dolphins, while wild, have been tamed through their stomach so the feeding is nice and smooth. They patiently wait for a fish attached to a human hand. You can almost feel their gratitude and their mystical presence. Merry Christmas.


One of our Christmas presents.


We spent Christmas Day in Rainbow Beach. We never knew where we were going to be, but we knew we were going to be somewhere and that was good enough. When you work towards your dreams there is a sense of excitement and contentment inside your heart that blurs the bad and enhances the good.

There was one thing we had to do in Rainbow Beach. There is a walk to a very big dune. In that path, there is a tree with a hole inside. Two years ago when we went there, we took photos of Sofia and Luke in the hole. Evan had them printed in canvas and if you had ever been to our place you had probably seen them hanging of one of our walls. Well now we had Leo to join the team inside the tree so we went and took another photo of all of them. Silly little things that makes us happy.


The photo on the left was taken in march 2015 and the one on the right in December 2016.


After a day wandering around Rainbow Beach, we decided to head off to Woodford.

We drove through Gympie again, avoiding the thought of the closeness of Brisbane and heading towards Woodford. We had taken the scenic route, probably thinking of making this trip a very scenic one, escaping from our previous life in the city. After 10 minutes into this trip, Evan announced that the petrol light was on. Hmm, we had over 100 km to go so we started to look for a petrol station. Christmas day, scenic route and no petrol stations to be seen. Stopping at every little village along the way, all petrol stations were closed. This wasn’t looking too good. We were running out of petrol but not of Km to do. We decided to cancel our night in Woodford before the festival. We went to Maleny instead and tried our luck. Maleny is slightly bigger than  Woodford, 30km away from the festival and we had to detour to get there. It was our last chance to find an open petrol station. Nope, they weren’t open. Nothing was open on Christmas Day. My last idea was to sleep at Maleny’s show grounds for the night, go to the petrol station in the morning, and head off to Woodford. The Festival gates were opening at 8. So we headed towards Maleny’s show grounds. But we didn’t know if we were going to have enough petrol… we were having our first real adventure… were we going to be stuck somewhere with no petrol?

Find out more next week! ha ha ha, yes, I am going to leave it here.

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