Chapter 15: Fear nothing! Trust your dreams.

Last week we told you about our days at Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays. The beauty over there was stunning we didn’t want to go anywhere else!

Nevertheless, work commitments, awesomeness and the fact that we want to see a lot got us back to reality and we started to head down to Woodford, for the Folk Festival. We needed to get there on Boxing Day to start setting camp and be able to relax and enjoy the Festival and for me to focus on the performances I had.

We have been guiding ourselves through the app WikiCamps to see where we will sleep. We like free camping, away from everyone, as close to nature as possible and as far away from the road as we possibly can. I found this place, about 170km south of Mackay, over 300km from Airlie Beach. It had all we were looking for: nature, free camping, peace and quiet and silence. And away we headed, to the Glencoe State Forest!

We got off the Pacific Highway and drove through a place full of wallabies, they were everywhere! It was incredible, beautiful and so raw you could almost feel one with nature. We arrived and set up Tracey. As I was preparing dinner, Evan and the kids lit up a fire. It was ideal, the views were stunning. We could see the ocean, a storm approaching and passing by and there was silence. We had dinner sitting around the fire.

Our camp site at Glencoe State Forest. Schneider’s Inn.

We watched the sun go down, the stars coming up and a storm in the distance. And I wrote this:

“This is so out of our comfort zone. We are not used to this wilderness. I still need the 4 walls and a roof to feel safe. All the horror movies I have watched in my life are coming up to my mind. I am never watching a horror movie, ever.

I think this fear needs to be overcome. I have to realise and be aware that the fear is there. Not engaging to it is what makes you dominate it. Fear will always pop up but perspective and faith will get you out of it. Don’t succumb to fear, don’t let it take you, don’t let it make decisions for you, don’t let it choose your life and take your destiny away from you.

Take control, be aware that fear is there, be aware of how silly it can be. Be wise, listen to your self, to your intuition, trust your instincts, your gut, and go for it. Go for that sense of accomplishment you have when you win the battle over fear. Stand strong. Be victorious. Life is yours. Your heart, your body: it all belongs to you! You are God! You create your life! You are the owner of your destiny! And the master of your reality. Fear nothing, for the truth is with you. Decide what you want and do it, and get it.”

That is what being surrounded by nature makes you write.

We woke up nice and early and continued our journey towards Woodford! While packing, a sand fly or something that could fly landed on my leg as the clothes rack dryer thing fell on my leg and it bit me. Two days later I had the size of a mango seed  lump and it was red and hard as a rock. That’s the ugly side of nature…

Little we knew about our next destination and this dark side of nature when we were driving down south. Before encountering this dark side, we stopped at Rockhampton for some food shopping. I left the kids and Evan outside the supermarket playing. It is easier and faster to go shopping without them. I love them but I also like walking around the supermarket without having to keep 3 eyes on them. I only have two eyes… As I was walking inside the supermarket, I started to have feelings of fear and stress around money. We are using our savings these days as we don’t have a steady income yet. Waves of doubts were coming and going in my mind so I decided to ask the universe, or God or whatever you want to call it, to help me out: “if this is my way to serve the universe, please, give me a strong guidance, specially before we spend all our money…” I asked the universe to reassure me that this is what we really have to be doing. I want to serve humanity, I want to do what I have come to this life to do. And if I am wrong now on what I am doing, I want to know ASAP so I can redirect our actions. It was a proper “help me out here” type of thing. Like: “give a sign so I know”.

I kept shopping but I couldn’t shake this feeling off. I wanted to talk to Evan about it but I didn’t want to worry him or bring bad energy into our day. As I was shopping, Evan and the kids joined me. I was still trying to change the way I was feeling, transform the feeling of scarcity, of not having enough, of being seriously in trouble money wise. We finished shopping and as we were going to pay, I wondered what I was doing there as Evan and Luke seemed to have it all the paying under control and Leo was getting a bit restless. So I took Sofia and Leo outside and we looked for a place to sit down. I immediately felt compelled to sit down next to this man. I usually avoid sitting down in busy benches but still, I decided to sit down there for some reason. I was going to discover the reason.

The man looked at me, really looked at me, and asked me how I was. I said I was good. He then started to talk to me about conversations he was having with other people, specially at this time of the year and how it all linked to peace. To feel inner peace. He then started to talk about Jesus. And it was incredible. He said everything I needed to hear. Everything. He brought love and light into this problem, the money problem. I was uncertain and now I know. Now I know! It is all going to be alright. The man started quoting parts of the Bible that were perfect for the moment, that were perfectly applicable for the situation I was in.

I then realise that I have to do nothing, only take action at the right time.  I know my prayers are being heard and answered. Because I asked and I received and the response was so fast that it couldn’t be read as a coincidence. This man, a builder from Rockhampton built a bridge between my fears and hope. We connected through the emotions that we were feeling out of the words he was speaking.  I gave him a hug, and thanked him. It really was what I needed to hear. I really need to hear what he said. We left and he followed us, as if he had finished what he had to do. Evan said: feels like he was waiting for you to tell you this and then go. I am so glad he respects these experiences. He loves me in such a beautiful level. So deep. Deep love. I love discovering it every time, and it surprises me too. So grateful to have Evan in my life.

Half in a dizzy state after such intense emotions and after saying hello to some guys Evan had gone diving with at the Whitsundays, we left to our destination where the dark side of nature encountered us… or should I say encountered our skin…

The kids playing outside the supermarket in Rockhampton. 

We decided to stay the night at a stop off the A1 highway. This is the first and last time we do this, or at least it is the last time until we do it again… We stopped at a bar, a few Km south of Rockhampton. It had showers and toilets we could use in exchange of a drink or two at the bar. So we set up camp there, happy with the deal they requested. Nevertheless, it was the worse night so far. It was loud, there was a lot of traffic non stop and  trains galore! Plus midges, that could fit through the mosquito net on our windows. The dark side of nature, midges everywhere. The night was horrible. The noise was only forgotten because of the itchiness of the midges. It would actually wake me up. It was waking me up every time they were biting me. So every half an hour or so I would wake up with excruciating itchiness. Not a good night at all. The following day we packed up, as quick as we could, and left, vowing we will never stop there.

Next week, we will tell you about how we managed to get a good night sleep and where and how we spent Christmas!

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