CHAPTER 14. We could really, really, really stay here, forever.

Last week, we left you with the story about how we got to the Whitsundays our first destination. It has been an awesome experience so far. We are loving the travelling experience. It is like the universe is helping us to do what we want.

When we were on our way to Airlie Beach I got a call from an old friend. She used to live in Brisbane and we helped each other as if we were part of the same tribe, which  we probably are. She then moved to New South Wales and I hadn’t spoken to her since. She was ringing me to tell me they have a house in Airlie Beach, their home! and she was opening it to me and my family. Oh wow! Such a blessing it was! After a week of travelling, the idea of a bed and a shower in the same room was quite appealing. We arrived to her home after lunch. Her house is on a hill that overviews the ocean. So beautiful it is her and her husband’s dream house. And we felt lucky to have it for ourselves while they were away on holidays. The only downside is that she wasn’t going to be there!

The house consisted in two different places: upstairs, where the family lived and downstairs, where there was an apartment, ideal for all of us, and right in from of the carpark. The driveway of her house is very, very steep and narrow. Our idea was to drive Tracey down to the car park in front of the apartment so we could easily access our things. We tried to driver it in, and we tried again, and then we tried a bit more, and we did not manage to get Tracey down. That was quite frustrating as everything we needed was in Tracey. We parked her up on the road and decided to go for a swim at the lagoon and have something to eat, things look better once you have had a swim and food. When we got back, we realised that we still had to open Tracey up to get our pyjamas, tooth brushes and fresh clothes. We were so tired we decided to go to sleep without getting any of those things.

Trying to get Tracey in the carpark.

We woke up the following morning and had a big realisation, we wanted to get back to Tracey. It had been a blessing to stay at my friend’s house. It was like a fresh, cool water in the middle of a marathon, but we still had more to run. The fact that we stayed at her place made us realise that what we want is already here. We had had it twice. We were at the water park, the whale one, in Hervey Bay and we thought, oops, we are going back to what we were before leaving Wynnum. Well, same thing happened at this house. We don’t want to be doing what we usually do, we don’t need to do that! we are meant to be on the road, this is our destiny, our call. Our soul thrives when we are moving, exploring, adventuring. When we feel like we used to when living our Caged Life, then we seem to be getting restless.

So with our hearts filled with gratitude, we left a beautiful house to get back to our home: Tracey. We moved to a camp site, still at Airlie Beach.

We meant to leave to Woodford on Monday, but we couldn’t resist so much beauty so we decided to book another day. The Whitsundays are so beautiful. Evan and I are drawn to the water, to this paradise looking place. We have seen many places but nothing like this. I can’t imagine what will happen when we see places like Bali, Thailand, Hawaii… Or go back to our Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands.

We had some lunch and decided to go to Dingo Beach, a place we hadn’t yet seen.

We got there and the kids were asleep. The view, the beach, the water, the sun, it all took our breath away. Evan and I hugged there for a while, contemplating the view. We don’t get many moments like this at all with the three kids.

Suddenly, I turned my head around and there it was, an enclosure where you can swim without getting too worried about getting eaten by some type of animal. I was dying to get in the water and I guess Evan, feeling still guilty for having had a swim already in those waters after having a dive all by himself the previous day, said: “go ahead, I will stay with the kids”.

I went for a swim. I more skipped and jumped in joy as I was approaching the water. I tried it with my feet, hesitant and worried it would be cold, but it was warm, so inviting I jumped straight in. Oh my. It usually takes me 30 minutes to get in when the water is cold, but these waters, they are so gorgeous, they invite you in and you just succumb to the invitation. You can’t resist it at all. I love it. I spent a good half an hour in the water fighting my fears of getting eaten reminding myself that the net, half broken in some areas above the water, would stop any evil creatures coming in.

Dingo Beach. our favourite beach ever.

The time stopped. I was at complete peace. Everything was perfect, the water, the sand, the sun… I was missing the kids and Evan, I wanted to share the experience with them. I then realised that this was for me, it was my gift, it was an experience for myself. And I enjoyed it, from the beginning to the end. I am blessed, I am happy, I am grateful and I am proud of my life. I have build it, one step at a time. It has been hard some times and easy others. But hardness never comes alone, it always comes with joy at the end of it. Bless those moments.

When I finished my me-time, I went to join Evan and the kids. We woke Luke up and invite them all to have a swim!

Sofia was swearing she was not going to get in at all.

– There is no way I am getting in mama, let’s go back to the pool.- she was pleading.

I started teasing her:

-What about your tippy toe?- I asked.

-No! – She yelled.

-Ok, what about your pinky finger? – I teased her.

-No!. There is no way I am getting there! – She went.

-What about a hair? – I joked.

-No! I am not going in there! – She grunted, stomping her foot on the sand.

-Alright then – I said – I will go in and wet my feet and maybe you can watch me from here?

-Ok… – She quietly muttered.

As I was getting my feet washed by the water I sensed her approaching my side. She got her toe a bit wet and looked at me surprised. It was not cold. She decided to play a little bit with the tiny waves the Coral Reef beaches have. Something in her changed, it must had been the water, the power of paradise, because she looked at me and said:

-Mama! Where are my swimmers? I want to swim with you!

Aaaaaahhhhh, kids. One moment the swear they will never do something, the next moment they are excited to do it and you are too slow for them.

The boys joined in and we all had a swim, followed by a snack.

I think it all helped us. We did some deep cleansing as a family. I was very happy and profoundly at peace.

As we were doing a photo and video session near the water, Sofia said to me:

– Mama, I think I want to live here one day.

I looked at her and I replied: -me too.

And this is sealed. I definitely want to live in a place like this.

And now, when I know that everything is possible when you focus on it and you do things to get you to it, I know that it will happen. Although first, we want to see the world…

After leaving Dingo Beach, we headed back to Airlie Beach. Evan had been invited for dinner at a place so we decided to give it a try. Salty and all, although Evan and Sofia went for a shower after their swim, we rocked up at the place. Turns out that the place is the loudest pub in Airlie Beach. Full of people, music at its highest volume, we decided that we would have dinner there. We were so out of place: late, hungry and with tired kids. Let me translate this for you if you don’t have kids. When a kid is hungry and tired, the combination brings another emotion to their little bodies: anger. The kids, once you order, you enter into a time loop where they think that the food should have been here yesterday, and the present moment is way too late for them. They then start letting you know how incredibly disappointing this is for them in a way that not only you knows this big secret they are holding inside, but the whole restaurant is now part of the community of people who know that

  1. You made a mistake coming to this pub.
  2. Your kids don’t behave. Well they usually do, the problem is that they are hungry and tired and it is loud and noisy and please refer again to #1.
  3. Since it is too late to go anywhere else because the loop would repeat itself, and you are also tired, hungry and over the whole noise your kids and the pub are making, you can do two things:

a. Become a zen master: smile, patience and a lot of love to your kids. Smile to other people with a reassurance in your eyes that once the food gets here it will all be alright. Then proceed to smile at your partner and tell him that it will all be alright, that you are good parents and remind him that it will be over soon.

b. Join your kids. Make a scene. Ask them to be quiet… Oh I can’t go on with this one. It is too painful. People can think whatever. We usually go for option a. But inside we are having b.

As I was smiling away, as if I had everything under control, our food came!! Yes!! Away we ate the whole thing. Nice and easy. Told ya, people.

We left the restaurant vowing we will never do that again. Until next time. Because you forget about this. Incredible as it seems, your brain forgets about it and sometime, somehow, you fall into the same hole.  You vow again you will never do it…

And like this, we left Airlie Beach, happy and sad at the same time. Knowing we will be back someday. And looking forward to our next adventure.

Thank you for reading us. See you next week. xx

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