CHAPTER 12. We Made It! First Steps of Freedom.

Hello guys! We hope you are all well.

As many of you know, yesterday we left Brisbane, for good. Regardless of renting out the house, we decided to set up a leaving date

And we did it! We left yesterday. It has been a very full on week. We haven’t had a rest. Packing non stop and getting rid of a lot, but a lot of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, maybe we didn’t have a lot because we have been following the KonMari method for the past year. This consists on only keeping what makes you happy, and declutter your house from the rest. Nevertheless, we had more than we could take into Tracey. From a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 living room house to a camper trailer!

Luke can already hook Tracey up by himself.

Let me give you an example so you can understand the situation we were dealing with here. Evan has been taking trips to the op shops to donate some of our items. After 3 times of going there, Evan rocked up ready to donate more items and the shop keeper told him he couldn’t take any more. Evan said the shop was completely full of our stuff. Clothes, the kids toys, furniture… We could have moved into the op shop and it would have felt like home…

Little by little, our house has been emptied. We told you last week how emotional decluttering was! And we are very happy about it. We felt free. Liberated. We had nothing in there!

Before the big departure, we wanted to attend the last soccer lesson the kids had, the end of the year one where they were getting a medal. As I drove away with our car, Monster Pajero, the car started to do funny stuff. What is it? I wondered. I stopped the car and stepped out to see what on earth was going on. Checked the tires, they seemed to be good. Checked if I had the hand break on, I did not. I decided to drive a bit more and see if I could catch up with Evan, as he was going to the last trip to the op shop. Another op shop, one we could fill up with our stuff that we encountered in Wynnum. He had left already. I couldn’t figure it out, what was wrong with Monster Pajero? It felt like it was all the time in first gear. A lot of power but no speed. I thought: “there you go, the first trip of our journey around the world is going to be straight to the mechanic”. As I was starting to become a little desperate, my eye caught the 4 wheel drive light on. Monster Pajero was on super towing mode, one I had never tried before. Holy crap, it seriously freaked me out. Relieved, I changed it into 2 wheel drive and off we went to our soccer game.

Evan and Luke with Tracey.

We headed north, our first destination was 3.5 hours from Brisbane. We left at around 1pm. We got to Hervey Bay at around 8pm. At this pace, it will take us 15 years to go around Australia. And probably a century to get to Europe. Nevertheless, we will still do it. We will stop one thousand times. We will play contortionists to reach the toy they have dropped at the very corner of the back seat. We will comfort them as many times as they need. This trip isn’t at our pace. It is at their pace. It is at our pace as a family. So different from travelling solo or single… It is not about us, it is about them. And once they are all good, it is about us. We have kept adult tantrums quite under control.

This trip isn’t at our pace. It is at their pace. It is at our pace as a family

On the way to Hervey Bay, after stopping at Coolum Beach, about 1.5 hours from Brisbane, Leo started to be very unsettled. He was tired and he needed a sleep. We were on the highway and there wasn’t any place to stop. They were doing road works and stopping on the side was not an option. So I looked at Leo and talked to him. Stroked his back and his neck and cuddled him until he stopped crying and relaxed. This was all from the front seat. My awkward position was surreal. As soon as I got him relaxed, Luke, who had been playing with an empty bottle of water, started screaming and crying because the bottle had blown away while he was collecting air from outside, at a 110km/h. So again, hysteria started reigning. Evan could not stop the car. The two boys screaming. And me and Sofia trying to get them settled. I finally helped Luke calm down. And once I did, Leo also calmed down. I kept rubbing Leo’s belly and talking to everybody and Leo felt asleep, Luke relaxed and Sofia looked at me as if she just saw wonder woman appearing out of nowhere. I actually felt like wonder woman. More like wonder mum. While asleep, Leo smiled, that made my day.

You rule mum.

The kids were all over the place: excited and tired all at the same time. They loved it but they hated it. They went to bed at around midnight. And still woke up very early. We are all like this. Like zombies. Evan shoulder bumped a car while walking. I went to the shops, paid, and walked away without the shopping bags. The cashier had to remind me to take the bags…

This is how tired we all are…

In spite of all these adventures, I can feel a big change inside us. I am more and more present with the kids. I don’t have that urge, that restlessness that was bugging me constantly every time I tried to relax, that stopped me from letting go and enjoy being with the kids. It was like I couldn’t relax. And I guess it is because I had to figure out that all I wanted to do was to travel and live our dreams. Again, it has been a long process, a long journey, before we started travelling. And now it seems to be paying off. Thank goodness.\

It is incredible how much we needed this and how much we have changed since we left yesterday.

It is incredible how much we needed this and how much we have changed since we left yesterday.  It has only been 1 day. It feels like it was ages ago when we left Brisbane. We have immersed ourselves in the present, in the now. The kids help to do that. They keep you in the now. No meditation needed. And it is great.

Chillin’ at the Beach. Fraser Island is at the back.

I can’t wait to see what adventures we have along the way. And I can’t wait to share them with you, so you can also start your own adventures if you want to make your dreams come true. Or you can have a good time reading them.

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