CHAPTER 11: The Truth And Only The Truth And Two Big Lessons We Are Definitely Copying

Hello guys!

We hope this Chapter finds you really well. After a few weeks where we went downhill  and we struggled to get back on track, we decided to set up a date and go NO MATTER WHAT!

So here we are, one week after, getting ready to leave. We are leaving on the 12th of December, and easy date to remember: 12/12. The day we break free.

And we can’t wait. We are so excited.

Let us tell you about our week without sugar coating it.

The truth and only the truth. Emptying a house, downsizing is so freaking hard and emotional. The first day we started to decide what we were going to store, give away or take with us we had a taste of what it is like to move to a place that is 10 times smaller than your house. And if we add up that we know how good it is not to have too many things, I mean, we don’t want to send crap to our families to store it for us, the whole situation is seriously stressful. Every single thing we take in our hands needs to be in the pile of giving it away or selling, storing or taking with us. There is a moment when you don’t even know what the hell you are holding in your hands.

We decided to tackle the office first. Piles of things in front of me, they started to spin around, I couldn’t think clearly, and there were like a million of them. I felt like I was in the movie Vertigo from Hitchcock.

I was sorting out things and I couldn’t even breathe! Oh my god, it was so so stressful!!

Evan saw my stress and, I guess out of willing to practice his commanding skills for when he becomes a boat captain, he said to me: do you want me to take over? And started telling me what to do. I wanted to marry him again. Then I realised I am already married to him. I almost cried.

He started to tackle it all, giving me orders on what to do. I was like a zombie moving around doing what I was told.

So so emotional. I slept like a baby that night. Out of emotional exhaustion.

We seem to start getting better and better at it. Or Evan is. I seem to get better at breathing while looking at the things. Evan was saying to me today that what really matters is the memory we have of things, not the thing itself. The thing itself is a piece of plastic. The emotion you have from that moment you remember is what you need to keep. And if you like that emotion, do things that make it repeat it.

We decided to take photos of kids paintings, arts etc but get rid of them. Kelly, one of our babysitters (good bless our stash of babysitters, we would not survive without you) suggested to take photos of the things we wanted to remember and then get rid of them! That’s what we are doing. You should see the amount of photos I have in my phone… I think I am only moving the clutter from real to iCloud…

We will make photo albums of these memories and share them with the kids when they feel home sick. And we will have so many more memories to include in our brains, feelings in our hearts and photos in our albums. We can’t wait.

Slowly but steadily, we are emptying the house. And it looks great. “The less you have, the happier you are” they say, and it is starting to ring true. At least I can breathe better.

Our next step after the emotional rollercoaster that is emptying a house with 3 kids under 6 years old has been to decide where to go. One of my friends asked me the other day if we had a list of places we would like to go. I felt stupid. A list? Do I have a list? And then realised that I had a list.

One of the reasons we are travelling is to be inspired and create and design the life we want. Freeing ourselves from the Caged Life is not enough. We need to know where we are going when we leave that cage. So we literally needed to know where we want to go. We knew we wanted to stay close to the water so we decided to go up to the Whitsundays. It is a 12 hour drive, probably a 24 hour drive with Leo onboard but we will take it very easy.

Our first destination

We have learned two things about travelling from reading books, blogs and talking to people who have done it or are doing it.

The first one is to accept people’s offers when they give them to you. If they offer us to stay at their place, to have a nice shower or whatever they want to offer us, we say yes. Unless they want me to help them downsizing, although I might be a pro by then. Or they are suss like Norman Bates from Psycho. If we don’t get a good feeling, we will say no. Our friends from Alive N’ Moving traveled around Australia and have told us that they decided that every time they were in a new place and someone was offering them to stay at their house or property, they would say yes. Well guys, we are copying that one. We have learned it from the Zapp Family too. As soon as they decided to accept help from other people and get into their houses and their lives, their travels took them into another level. So this is our first decision.

The second one is timing. We know we come from a time and place where we have been rushing everywhere. Now we do this, now we have to get there at this time, now it is time for that, come on kids we are going to be late, we are in a rush… Now you can see the kind of mum I am, huh?

This one is going to be difficult but let me say this: we are not in a rush. We don’t want to complete the travelling in a certain amount of time. We aren’t too sure if we will ever complete the travelling! So if it takes us a lifetime to get to the Whitsundays, so be it. We don’t want to rush the kids. We don’t want to rush at all. I can see myself changing the website to Five Attempting To Get Somewhere. Aaaah… no rush.

This concludes our Chapter for this week. Still packing, thinking about our destination, we will head up to the Whitsundays on the 12th of December. If you happen to be along the way and want to say hello, send us an email at or contract us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Have a great week guys.

Talk to you next week from anywhere between Brisbane and the Whitsundays. I just had an OMG moment!!

3 thoughts on “CHAPTER 11: The Truth And Only The Truth And Two Big Lessons We Are Definitely Copying

  1. I remember that week before we left. I hardly slept, so much to do. It is such a relief to finally drive away. And you can’t be sentimental when you have kids taking their emotional cues from you. You smile and say ‘good bye Brisbane ‘. Good luck this week guys!

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