Chapter 10: The End and The Beginning of a New Life

Hello guys,

We hope you are great. We are doing really well! After last week’s post and how hard the week was being, the wind seems to have changed and we are heading into nice port.

We have many things to tell you!

The first one is that we have a leaving date! We are leaving on the 12th of December. It has been a couple of rough weeks that have made us realise we needed a date. We needed to be the captains of our destiny. We had left the control of our time and our dream to circumstances along the way, that aren’t under our control! A while ago, we read on Herman and Candelaria Zapp’s book Sparkle your Dream how they decided to set up a leaving date. These guys travelled from Argentina to Alaska in a 1927 car. We told you about how this family has been an inspiration to us on Chapter 1.

When the Zapps were planning the trip, they found themselves postponing their trip, and tired of that, they decided not to do that anymore and leave at a set date, no excuses. There will never be a perfect time, there will only be time, you decide when you do it. So we thought: they had a date! Even if they didn’t know how they would do it, or where they would go or anything, they had a date.

So Evan and I decided to set a leaving date up. Because when someone who has done it before you succeeds, you better copy them, it is called modelling learning. And we thought the 12/12 would be a great date to remember. And so less than two weeks away from it we are slowly emptying the house.

There are many things that you treasure that lose their importance when you are so excited about following your dreams!

We are starting to realise that following our dreams is uncovering many behaviours, thoughts and feelings that have been protecting us that no longer serve us. We are freeing ourselves from them. We don’t need them anymore. We have been using them to be able to cope with the Caged Life, to be able to continue with our life, silencing our dreams, ignoring that voice was is telling us go Go GO! It takes a lot of energy, material things, sometimes booze and tv, other times crap food and other distractions to forget about your dreams. But they never shut up. They are there. Waiting for you to listen.

The second thing we want to tell you is that this is starting to get real. Today is Evan’s last day of work. This is it!! The moment we have been waiting for a while now. Evan is home. We finally get to raise our kids together. I need his male input. The kids need their father. They do! After 5 years of working 50+ hours a week, we welcome the captain home.

The mood has changed. Evan is happier already. He feels lighter. The kids are excited. This is a new start. A new life.

Magpie birds raising their baby. Both parents raising the baby!

We have grown so much since we decided to start this adventure, and we haven’t even left yet!

Nothing can stop us. We are following our dreams. This is the beginning.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is about our income from now on. And it is a question that inevitably arises when you stop receiving your source of main income. The answer we give depends on the person. Some people are waiting to hear something that gives them the excuse not to follow their own dreams. Others are scared of leaving that job they don’t like and so they give you reasons why it is so hard and they can’t do it, without even asking. So our answer depends. Because some are genuinely interested in listening. Others aren’t. They only listen to your story to find out why it is safer to stay home, to not go and fulfil their dreams. So for those ears who care, here it is, the answer to the income question. We know it is going to work. This is our answer.

We will make it work. we will work on it to make it work. So for now, we have our assets and our resourcefulness. And the world is our oyster.

There is a great example on the book Sparkle you Dream from the Zapp Family and it says that the moment they became happier was when they had spent all their money and so they started to find out about their gifts and decided to put them to work. They started making money out of their own talents. Plus everybody is inviting them wherever they go. Oh they are so inspiring!

So with this, we are telling you that we are fine, back on track and ready to take on the world in two weeks. For now, we are off to celebrate our freedom with Evan.

Thank you for reading.

Until next week, dream big, work constantly, start now. 🙂

The Five

Disclaimer: We don’t get paid to advertise the Zapp Family. They are awesome. They have inspired us so much. Nothing else.

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