Chapter 9. Stress caught up with us!

Guys, what a shitty week we have had. Or I should say, we are having. And trigger warning here, I am swearing a lot. So if you read it to your kids, maybe be aware of this…

Last Monday, we got a call from our solicitors saying that the potential buyers had pulled out. They sort of pooped on the contract. And the contract is no more. It is all written on Chapter 8 where you can have a bit of a laugh at what is happening to us at the moment.

After that call, we decided to rent our house out instead of selling it. It’s what feels better with our hearts. And probably our pockets too.

The day after they told us the contract was gone with the wind, everything started to go downhill.

We have been holding it all together. The idea of travelling was so compelling and awesome that we didn’t feel the pain that the mishaps were causing us.

Imagine you are lost in the desert. Thirsty as hell. And finally you find water. You don’t realise how tired you are. How painful things are. Because yay! There is water ahead and you can bet your bottom you will be drinking it in a second.

Well this is the same. We are so over this life and so excited to travel that mishaps were happening in a high state of mind. Few mishaps happened to us that made me crash!

That Tuesday I started to have a big back pain. I assumed I slept in a bad position and so I thought it would be gradually leave me during the day. The kids sleep in our bed so it is very easy to wake up with one foot on your face, a bottom on your back and your body in a funny shape. Well, the pain didn’t go. It was getting worse and worse.

The following day I couldn’t move. I called my shaman, the person who always fixes my body problems. He saw me that morning. No shower. UGG boots on. A total bum. I am glad I am not famous (yet) as I would have been in all the tabloids as a hangover mum. Far out. The kids were also pretty much the same. Bums. The treatment was pure torture. Holy shit, does it have to be so freaking painful? Apparently yes.

My back got better but he told me that I was having some mineral deficiencies. Alright.

He says: have you ditched the salt?

-Yes? I say.

Alright. Spooky. He knows more things about me than myself. He always does that. Have you been doing this? What happened to this, was it whatever? He knows stuff that I haven’t told him.

Let me explain about the salt. I have recently discovered that I am addicted to salt. I have been doing some research and salt happens to be as addictive as cocaine or cigarettes. How freaking lovely. My body was going into spasms because I ditched the salt. And my back was the example. So I had put my body into such a stressful situation that I even have few cold sores on my lips. What the fuck people. I barely ever get sick. In a matter of a week I have it all. And I am a salt junkie. I now crave all types of food that have salt. A week ago I was only eating raw fruits and veggies and felt so energised. I ditch the salt and my body turns upside down.

And you can image the kind of mum I am when I am sick. Let’s say I am not an example to follow. And we mums are the pillars of our family.

If I have a shitty day, everybody has a shitty day. Copy cats. Seriously, can’t you copy me in cleaning instead?

This weekend our son Leo turned one. Big 1! Yay Leo! And he spent all day sleeping with temperature. See how we rock it? The kids and Evan were fighting it all. Getting on each others nerves. I was feeling dizzy and had to visit the toilet every hour or so. So freaking interesting. They left to the pool. Peace and quiet. Leo sleeping, kids away. I almost had a party.

On top of this, Evan had someone who was going to take over his job that Monday. The guy didn’t start. Again, breaking contracts. What is it that anyone can poop on a contract so easily?

Anyway, that meant that Evan couldn’t leave work. You see, he works for his dad and he feels he owes his farther loyalty. Which I think he does. So leaving like this was a bit ugly. So Evan has extended the date he is leaving work. Someone else has taken over the position. But this means two more weeks of work for him. And if you have read Chapter 1 you will know how much I adore this type of life. Not.

So gathering all the information together, it reads like this. We are all sick or in the process of getting sick. Either physically or of this Caged Life. Beware if you see us. We are contagious. And grumpy.

Evan still has to go to work this week and half of the coming one. And then freedom of time. You have no idea how much we all need this.

We have to finish packing and giving away stuff. If you are interested, send us an mail at for more give away stuff.

And then we have to finish painting Tracey. The poor girl is sitting there waiting for her time to shine.

I have to say though that the fire is burning inside. Nothing can put it out. We can’t wait. Maybe that’s why we are getting sick. Because we have to wait and we can’t. So our bodies are revelling towards us. Or maybe we have been cursed guys. By the pirates of the Start-Your-F-Jouney-Already Island. Never mind pirates, we are soon going to take over your Island. And it won’t be pretty for you. Because as soon as we can, we are leaving. ;D


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