Chapter 7. Defeat and Failure or 5 Mastery Points to Succeed

I have heard so many times, what if you don’t succeed? What if you fail?

Let me explain what I think: I believe there are five mastery points to succeed. Follow them and your success is guaranteed.

Check them out:

1. Define your goal/dream:

What is it that you want? Be as explicit as you can, the more detail, the merrier.

We want to travel around the world. We are going to explore Australia first. We want to make our way to Europe and buy a boat (I can already feel the water splashing my face while we are sailing). From there, the world is ours. We will choose secure ways because it isn’t only Evan and I. We are sticking to a budget and we want to finance our travels with our writing, knowledge and value. We want to inspire those we encounter along the way and those of you who follow us online. You read some of our definition in our first blog Freeing Ourselves From The Caged Life.

And ask yourself why: why do you want to make your dream come true?

For us it is the ultimate fulfilment. It is our purpose on earth and the reason why we are here and we have met. It fills our hearts, gives life to our actions, pulls us to it. We love it. We can’t wait.

2. Focus on your dream all the time:

Don’t lose sight of your dream.

There will be tough times. Stormy times where you can’t see the sun. But you must not give up. Keep the image of your dream alive. The sound of your dream in your ears buzzing for you. The feeling of it in your heart.

Reread your dream definition if you lose sight. Every morning, feel, see and hear your dream, first thing in the morning. And everyday do something towards it. One little thing is enough as you start and then make those things big and bigger and bigger…

When someone says that can’t be done (and trust me, they will say it) go back to it. Don’t lose focus. Breath it. Make it your whole life. You will have to let go of other things in order to be able to focus on this one. Comes naturally, you will leave room for the new, and spring clean the old. Including those people.

3. Work your ass off (a.k.a. take action): 

Start now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to arrive because there isn’t any perfect moment. Start. Do you need a sign from the universe? A green light? Here it is, your sign, yes you: start!!!

Let me tell you something. It is not easy. It isn’t. It is not like: “ok universe, I am ready to live my dreams, I will wait for you to provide for me so I can do what I am supposed to do here”. Well no. You need to start doing something. You need to take action and work your ass off. Period. Start now. Period

4. Be constant:

Do it everyday. Ok, rest one day. But do it. Constantly. Don’t just go doing something for a week or two, or a month or two and then be like, “hey! this shit doesn’t work!” well of course not if you give up. Was Rome built in a day? Did Messi or any other star just make it in two weeks? well no. What I have learned is that they were doing it every single day.

Do it for yourself, not for others. Those stars, they ignored criticism. Otherwise they would have stopped at the beginning because they probably sucked. But they kept going and became better and better.

We post every day on Facebook, Instagram, Twiter and we blog once a week. And sometimes our stuff is seen by 3 people!! And it is better than zero. It is better than not posting at all. And I am very aware that sometimes my writings suck, but I have to keep writing so I can get better.

Let me give you another example. Do you remember we told you about the lady who was going to buy our house and decided to pull out in our latest blog? Well, we could have blamed everything and everyone. The universe, my grandma, whatever, and scream: “there is a conspiracy against us and something doesn’t want us to travel!” Instead, after winning for an hour, what we decided to do was ask ourselves: ok, what’s our next step? Let’s keep showing the house. Let’s move the agents. Let’s release her deposit so we can break the old contract and sign a new one with someone else. Same happened with the painter, read it here.

So many people give up right before they succeed. Like two minutes before the bus arrives they leave the bus stop. So keep doing, no matter what. Until…

5. Reassess. 

When you have tried and tried and still you don’t get to where you want, reassess.

Is what you are doing going to take you to where you want?

Do you need to change direction? What changes can you implement to get where you want to be? Change the course so you get to your destination. Don’t change the destination unless you go to a better one!

Check your moves, what you are doing. Are you happy with it? What can improve? And implement changes. Redefine. Go back to 1 and restart the cycle. Because it is all up to you. All. There will be things you won’t be able to control, stuff that will happen to you that is going to come out of the blue but you can control how you react to that. React with action towards your dream, with focus and constant work. And then review.

And these are the 5 mastery points to succeed. Thank you for reading.

To your dreams guys. Always.

PS: Stay tuned! Our house is under contract. Keeping it quiet but so excited to be in the game again! We will let you know about it as soon as it is all in the bag and with a nice knot 😉 or as you Aussies say until it is all done and dusted.

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