Chapter 6. Our Dreams Are Stronger Than Any Circumstances. Learning How To Live Our Dreams


Wow guys,

Someone tells us a week ago that this would happen and we would have called it our worst nightmare! Remember we told you about how we sold our house?. Well, let us tell you now how we haven’t sold it.

We signed the contract of the house a week ago. A contract that you must sign when someone puts an offer in order to accept it but that we haven’t figure out how it helps the seller! The lady buying the house requested a pest and building inspection, something that is highly recommendable. Last Friday we had such inspection. Everybody (pest and building) where happy and gave a green light. Even the buyer was telling me she was very excited about buying the house and she liked it more this time around!

Our beautiful house

On Monday, we were supposed to get the “all good” from the buyer re inspection and finance. Well, the lady doesn’t want to buy the house!!! She says (to get out of the commitment) that she isn’t happy with the pest and building inspection. Whaaaattttt?

For a second I took it personally.

And then I realised few things:

  • Probably she wasn’t ready to buy, anything. The agents told us that she had missed 4-5 opportunities to buy a house. Well, I can see why she did miss them.
  • All parts (sellers, buyers and agents) were excited with the process of selling the house. She got carried away and then regreted it.
  • My mindset was that of scarcity. I truly thought we wouldn’t be able to sell the house. Turns out, we got offered more money than we ever expected.
  • Our buyer is out there. We just need to find him/her (it…?)
  • We are considering renting the house, another option.
  • Before we celebrate, we need to make sure it is all done and dusted or as we say in Catalan, the wheat is in the bag an shut with a knot.
  • Our commitment to this dream is so big that even though we wanted to start travelling as soon as we sold the house, we will leave anyway, house sold or not. Because we are itching to go!!
  • That our dreams are greater than any misshap along the way. And we don’t care about those misshaps, we just learn our lesson and continue. We honour the struggle, because it holds a lesson behind it. Even if we don’t understand why these things happen, we know and believe there is a reason behind it, bigger and greater.

We are aware that in situations like this one with the buyer or the one we told you we had with the painter many people would give up for different reasons (from God or the universe doesn’t want me to do it, its become too complicated or, as my dad says, my grandma smokes and that’s a problem. She doesn’t really smoke but it means that there will always be excuses, the point is, where do you focus, on the excuses or the reasons you find to do something?). We are finding reasons along the way. The more trouble we encounter, the stronger and greater we become. It does not matter what happens, we are still strong. We are probably getting ready for the big journeys in the ocean where we won’t be able to complain about the weather or the circumstances around us but just accept them and act upon them.

We are finding reasons along the way.

Let us tell you, to conclude, about our next steps.

Leo’s first birthday is on the 20th of November. He just took his first steps. Imagine if every time he was falling over he would vow he was never going to do it again and he would tell himself that he wasn’t meant to walk!! Oh no!!

This is the reason we don’t give up. Because we are learning how to live our dreams.

So we will celebrate his birthday where he was born, at home, this house we are selling. As soon as we are ready, we are going to head off. We have no destination yet. I have to be in the Gold Coast on the 27th of November and in Brisbane on the 3rd of December. And then we are free until the 26th of December where I am performing at Woodford Folk Festival. Check the link here

Check the Woodford Folk Festival Programme on page 64.

Those weeks are free. We have thoughts of going on a cruise to relax after these 6 crazy-non-stop years. We need to book two rooms because we are five. We aren’t too sure about it. But the idea of a green smoothie in my hand anytime I want without having to wash the blender totally appeals to me…

We have also thought about working in an organic farm, something called Wwolfing. We will see, because we want to be with each other for a while. And those farms require you to work 6 days a week. Something to keep in mind for the future…

Maybe some free camping somewhere.

We don’t know. But this uncertainty gives us a boost. We love it. We are the masters of our own destiny. And we embrace it and celebrate it.

We want to see Australia before we head off to our boat in Europe (no, we haven’t found it yet, still looking!). We are also thinking of making our way to Europe with our car and camper trailer through Asia. So we see it.

Our life is unwritten. And that is freaking awesome!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

Oh! PS: Very soon we will start our videos. Once Evan finishes work (in about two weeks) we will start letting you know what we do via video. Stay tuned!

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Thank you guys, you are our fuel. Telling you our stories keeps us going. And you guys asking questions keeps us alive!!


Much love.

The Five.

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