Chapter 5. Synchronicity at its best. We sold the house!

Hello guys, we owe you an update!

So here it is. Some of you ask us if we know when we are going. The answer is no. We have no idea. But we are working towards it every day. Our journey has already started but we have not left yet. We are definitely walking in the direction our hearts are telling us.

Let us tell you how.

A week ago we had our Paint For Your Dreams party. The idea came to me (Clara) when I was writing a post/update about the situation we had with our painter. It hit me. Why not celebrate with a party where everyone has a job and we reward it with food, music and a good time? So we did, we celebrated it. And you guys totally rocked it. It was amazing. In just a few hours all the painting was done, the gardening was finished and we were singing, dancing, playing and celebrating with catalan champagne (cava).

One of our friends reflected on the importance of asking for help and how we don’t do this much in our society. And it is true. We are not used to asking for help and perhaps it is because it puts us in a vulnerable position: if I ask for help I am telling you I need something you can give me so you also have control over the situation that I need help with. Acknowledging this is a big step in someone’s development. We have forgotten how good it is to get help from friends. And at the Paint For Your Dreams Party we got this buzz, everybody chipped in, from gardening to painting through playing music, cooking, doing the dishes or just being there. Oh guys, thank you so much!! We wouldn’t have done it all in one day without you!

Catalan champagne, cava.

The kids were painting, almost all of them! I think every parent though it wasn’t too bad if they helped. And it wasn’t! Oh how well behaved they were. They painted, they were all concentrated on what they were doing. It was fantastic.

That day finished and we all continued with our lives. The following day I (Clara) had a panic moment: I needed to have a house to move in to! I thought to myself: I need to know where we are going to sleep when the house sells. So I went on gumtree and started having a look at camper vans, trailers, motorhomes… whatever would serve us to sleep in. I out my iPad down and we left the kids with my mum to see a camper trailer nearby. I loved it, and Evan too, but he was unsure about it. It took him 3 days to be convinced!! I was on the tip of my nerves, “come on Evan, have you decided yet?” was my sentence every two minutes… That very same night I stopped asking and waited for him to come to a decision.  After 3 ling days, he was convinced! So we decided to buy it.

The following week the roller coaster began. It was intense!

We signed our contract with the real state agents. And you should have seen our house. It was like a million little bombs had exploded, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It was messy big time. I think it has never been this bad. Even the agents were a bit hesitant… Anyway! The agents were quite excited as they believed they had someone interested in seeing the house on that Saturday, a week after the painting party. We already had scheduled a Garage Sale Sell for Your Dreams! My mother was leaving us that Tuesday so we had to do it all on our own. And of course, because we are the family we are, we decided that no job is too big.

Our house after a day of cleaning! And no kids around

This is how our Saturday looked like:

At 7am we were off to get our Camper Trailer who we have named Tracey.

At 8am the Garage Sale was starting (when we hanged the signs at 6.45am we had people already wanting to come and check it out!)

At 11am we had cleaners coming to our house to help us prepare it for the potential buyer’s visit.

At 1pm we had our friend Marije (seriously, ask for help people, friends are a blessing from heaven) to pick up Sofia and Luke and get them out of the house so we could clean and what’s most important, keep it clean. A baby sitter was looking after Leo at home.

At 3.30pm we had to leave the house because at 4pm we had the real state agents coming to show the house.

At 6pm we had a Disco Party to go to!

So at 4pm we went and had a treat, just Evan, Leo and myself. What a day. But the day wasn’t finished.

After our treat, we went to pick up Sofia and Luke and the real state agent called us. The potential buyer had placed an offer! ts Wow! Evan wanted to know the offer but the agents wanted to see us first.

While waiting for our house to be available for us to come back, we decided to go to the a seafood festival that was on at the time in Wynnum, where we live. Wandering around we ended up in front of the Real State Agency the very same moment when the agent was calling me asking if we could meet. Please know that it has been there for only 5 weeks so we had no idea it was there! And on top of that, there was a jumping castle right in front of it! We agreed to meet them and in 5 minutes, the agent was there. And my friend stayed to watch the kids as we were having the meeting (see why I say they are a blessing?). It was like everything was set up for us to be there at that time, with those friends. It was all making sense and it all felt familiar. The offer they had placed was surpassing our expectations. We had to take it. As I was singing the papers (Clara) it hit me, this was real! I was signing more than the sale of a house, I was signing a commitment with the universe and my dreams, our dreams, our future. This was becoming real!

Our photo on Facebook and Instagram telling you guys we had sold the house. It has hit over 1k views.

So our friends left and off we went home to get decent clothes because the kids had a Disco Party to attend! And we danced the night away, or the evening. It was magical, the music, the kids laughing, the lights on Leo’s face, the dancing moves… We had a great time. And we went home. And we slept. A lot. We crashed.

All dressed up for the party.

I am still recovering from Saturday. What a magical day.

When you follow your dreams the universe gives you way.

We are leaving our house in less than 30 days. We still have some work commitments and we will be in and out of Brisbane until March or so.

Thank you for reading.

PS: Only one thing makes me sad about selling the house and is that our son leo was born in it.

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