Chapter 3. Transforming your Experiences


We would like to tell you where we are at these days.

We are discovering that our trip is a journey that is unfolding itself. We had an idea of how to do things but things have their own ideas!

So here we are, starting this journey in an expected way.

We are selling our house, that’s our intention, and we are hoping it will be on the market in a couple of weeks.


When you paint your own house you get to draw what you like on your back door.


We have been delayed though. We decided in July to hire a painter and paint the house. And the work hasn’t been finished, the painter took the money and we haven’t seen him since. Our son Luke had a scary injury due to the painter’s negligence. We even had to go to hospital. Our anger was flourishing, we were in the verge of engaging it or utilising it to move forward. And so we did. We used our anger to move forward. And here we are, becoming legal experts in the construction world and masters of calming techniques and meditation. Transforming anger into productivity and creativity. (After writing the first draft of this post we have learned that the legal path will cost us more than the actual paint job so we have decided we will do something else. Keep reading, solution below…).


Why can’t starting our trip just be smooth, why can’t it just be nice and easy and we sell the house and go, no dramas?


One night, Evan was asking, why can’t starting our trip just be smooth, why can’t it just be nice and easy and we sell the house and go, no dramas? My answer is: I don’t know why, I believe there is a bigger purpose hidden and all I know is that we can’t lose sight of our dream. Things get tough, things get ugly, but they happen for a reason. Suck it up and let it go. They happen because something bigger and better that escapes our mind will happen to us. We grow through these challenges. We have to. This is our destiny and we meet it with our arms open. Don’t get us wrong, we have fought the painter, but we accept the situation. I accept the lessons the painter has given us. Learning these lessons have made me stronger. I wouldn’t be here, writing this post if I hadn’t learnt about them. And so we advance, free of anger, free of resentment, and with our hearts at peace knowing that we are doing what we believe is in tune with ourselves.


This is our destiny and we meet it with our arms open.


So when we finish with the errands, uncertain, as the Heisenberg’s principle, but packed with growth, and we finish painting the house we will proceed to sell it.

And now I am thinking, let me ask you, dear friend, if you would like to help us. We are thinking of finishing painting the house by ourselves. We have spent way too much money already and we want to allocate the money to our sailing. And brainstorming here, I am thinking I am going to celebrate a painting party, Paint For Your Dreams! The party will consist in a bit of painting from the adults (kids may as well paint, because why not!). We will offer lunch for everybody (my mum cooks the best paellas in the world!), with raw vegan and paleo options etc. And talk about dreams, your dreams, our dreams, the kids dreams. It will be a party. The kids will have fun. Paint For Your Dreams! Everything will be ready, you will just grab a brush and paint! I might add some other stuff like garage sale (the kids have toys that would like other kids to have), face painting (Sofia is awesome at that), live music (because I can) and more. I better start organising this. How about the 15th of October? I think it sounds good. I am so excited! I just created a Facebook event. Check it out here.


Our event Paint For Your Dreams! Check it out here.


So this is where we are at the moment. Evan and I still have work commitments until March so we will still be around. Nevertheless, we will start travelling around Australia. I am touring in Tasmania with my singing and we want to see the Whitsundays, Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs, Perth and south: Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra. So much to see! Who knows if our boat will be there. We are also thinking of doing a big jump to Asia.


We follow our heart and that’s the most accurate itinerary we can give you.


As you can see, nothing is decided. This is all unfolding, there isn’t anything set up. We follow our heart and that’s the most accurate itinerary we can give you.

We don’t know when we are leaving but we have already started 😉

Thank you so much for being part of our dream, we love having you around. Talk soon!



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